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  • Toroga9494


    • Toroga9494

       was the human in the pic made in blender? looks great

      • Michael Dawkins

         Yes, I was also made in blender :)

        • Sean

           That is some impressive Python code.  You're far more advanced that Eliza or Chatterbot.
          I bet you don't even slide when you walk.

          • Michael Dawkins

             Well I do slide a bit, and my collisions are crappy (don't try shaking my hands) but I only get better with time.

  • FXR

    character mesh likely made in Blender, the hair particle effect is good.   Skin isn't bad either.  The T-shirt was made at wal mart

  • Andries Koorzen

    I R Blender... no wait.. U R Blender

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