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  • Alejandro Abarca R

    Looks pretty nice.

  • PrinterKiller

    This is a good theme because it organize things easier for the eyes

  • Kriss

    Sweet, using it right now, still have to get used to it though, but its a nice change..

  • Jiggles100

    Last time I tried this the update blitzed my customizations.  It would be great if Themes, KeyMaps and default scenes where separated.

  • Metpinarci

    I am only hoping it is as well organised inside .

  • Regele Ionescu

    Thank you for pointing! I also found on the home page lots of useful tutorials.

  • GLakie

    Great theme man. Thank you for this one. I've tried about 50 of them and every one had to be tweaked in one way or another. Not this one.  I found this asthetically pleasing while still being very easy to read.  I'm 58 years young and my eyes need all the help I can give them.


    • Light

      Cool that it helps.

  • Michael120

    Now, to change all the orange to blue... :P

    JK, it looks great!

  • Paul Caggegi

    Is it just colors or functions, addons, etc?

    • Kriss

      just colors..

  • Martin Lindelöf

    if anyone is looking for a low-contrast theme, with input high-contrast only (dark input, bright text) and subtle color schemes for nodes etc.

    you can try out my theme Softblend, also in this native .xml format

  • 4museman

    Huge thanks! It's very nice theme. It looks like I'll use it insted of default. :)

  • onjoFilms

    Here I've created a quick tip on how to install themes for Mac.

  • ikeahloe

    nice theme. not my personal style, too distracting, for instance i'm not sure why scroll bars have to be so prominently highlighted, it distracts my eye when i'm trying to read text and stuff. Just based on the general look i like it though.

    • Light

       Noted... The scrollbar is too bright... I dimmed it a little but not enough... Thanks for pointing that out.

  • mestizo5

    cany u explain me how to add this theme to blender? i downloaded but is not go automatically to blender.. what i do?

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