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QUIT BLENDER (or die!)

The Mango team has completed their first milestone: a five-day workshop in which they created a short film based on a script by Ton.

Ian writes:

BAM! Here we are, the finished kickoff film, only 5 days after starting.

Is it perfect? Nooooooo- we’d tweak this thing forever if we could- but we finished all the big stuff, and made a short film!

Today was a day of last minute tweaks and battling the render farm. At one point we had every computer in the place up and running rendering shots, along with the render farm. I suspect we would have been rendering on folk’s cellphones if we could.



  • Star Diaries

    lol, very funny. well done!

  • Kevin Douglas

    LOL...that was just so freaking awesome...

  • Murat Sahin

    That was quite funny, but you will probably take one or two razzie awards.

  • john

    haha good .anymore?
    keep going....

  • Ryanjohnsond

    I almost DIED laughing!  

  • Johnny Matthews

    The last shot as the robot busts outside looks really good!

  • Russell Wulfenstein

    So... at this rate, Mango should be done in what, two weeks?

  • Pagankmck

    Very funny.

  • Rnsierra

    The title scare me more,then the video....

  • NonoGOGO

    :) made me chuckle

  • John_9998

    Omg that is soooo amazing!!

  • Ringo7

    That's FREAKIN GREAT!!!!

  • faxmenoux

    305 views -youtube being youtube.

  • James Lagerman

    neat! LOL

  • claas kuhnen

    reminds me of this

  • DolphinDream

    This is so freaking awesome! :) especially for a warming up short. You rock! I can't wait to see MANGO.

  • Symphony

    lol CTRL+N  FAaaaaaaSssssssssssTTTTTTTTTTTT

    • Lawrence D’Oliveiro

       Congratulations, you have just recomputed your normals.

      What do you mean, you didn’t know you were in Edit mode?

  • XeroWolf

    lol loved it. Great work on the editing guys.

  • NRK

    The closeups on the mouths pulled me out.  Titles GREAT, Sebastian best actor by far (hire him)

  • Matt Heimlich

    Looks great, I can definitely see where we are going to need some better fracture tools and whatnot in the pipeline for a true short film though.

  • George_Kim

    Wow, excellent for a-five-day project! Enjoyed it, guys. :)

  • Michele Carbone

    Well done!
    You're very fast artists and funny actors!!! XD XD XD

  • L3clara

    HI Tom!

    You are progressing! You didn't kill anyone this time!

    Greetings from Tiquicia!


  • Animatorghoose


    LIke this Video Commercil, Blender will be build whatever poeple needing..


    when it is True, L3clara' s right....

  • capedsam

    Well done!  

  • Chris0archer

    I like the last shot with the robot in the window !!!!!!!

  • Sleepwalker

    I wanna press ALT A now!

  • Beauregard Heimer

    I am glad they are the artists and not the actors...

  • Thedaveidentity

    Okay for five days.

  • GraphiX

    Soo.... this is what the guys at the blender foundation do all day.

    • Erick259

      Wish I worked there

  • Ron Proctor

    Bravo!! Awesome awesome awesome!!

  • kABHIr

    you guys are enjoying the work don't you?

  • Crazy blender

    Too good. I love it. that is awesome. I love BLENDER

  • themonster

    Congrats!!! very funny short, and the robots are great too, let's see mango!
    It's going to be Epic!!

  • Johnny D. Wi Cked

    Way to lighten up things with this comedy piece. :D

  • Mtqxd


  • Punit Kumar Mohanty

    too good .... cant stop laughing.... 

  • Satriatomat

    too good for five day!fantartist! hahaha :D

  • amcam

    Love it !

  • Mookie

     The video obviously shows that Cycles needs shadow pass and Blender really nice demolition simulations. The movie itself is a good exercise and nothing else I guess.

  • Anonymous

    OMG!!! You guys have a cell phone render farm!?!?!?

  • Piotr Ko?odziejczyk

    Now I know why Blender doesn't ask if to save changes on quit!

  • Philippe ROUBAL

    AhAh ! Great little movie ! I laughed a lot with the "drill guns" ! Matchmoving is very nicely done, and actors are very funny ! Thank you very much for this moment of laugh !

  • Oana

    Very funny and surprising for just 5 days! team seems to enjoy it very much :)

  • encn

    Heh. I realize I have never, ever, ever, used Blender's official shiny Quit feature. I liked the hunted-by-drones sequence most, especially the final stop-turn. The most distracting technical aspect is the jump in color between the indoors/outdoors shots. 

  • Drxms

    I first went what!? :O But then i realised it was the title. :P Cool vid motion tracking rocks!

  • Wteeuwen


  • Ed Kosmicki

    When good blenders go bad

  • Sorbus

    Great! Keep it coming!

  • Bohan3d


  • Stefan Misic

    Very good. Can't stop laughing. (: How did they mad those little robots flying thorugh the scene? I thinks it's not with camera tracking..

  • Tom Ru

    A_W_E_S_O_M_E !

  • Eduardo Garcia

    A_W_E_S_O_M_E !(2)

  • Olaf

    Fantastic job for such a short time! 

  • Kirill Poltavets

    Fantastic! ))

  • Micah

    is ton trying to say something here?

  • Sonofwitz

    That paid off sooooo well! Great work! Riveting acting!

  • Michael Färber


  • Tuuba

    Promising stuff here. Keep going on!

  • Jedismindtrick


  • Erich Toven

    Haha.. When that one guy screamed like a 12 year old girl I laughed till I cried a little! :) 

  • Reynante Martinez

    Ohhhh, now it's becoming visually stunning. ;) The intended humor still puts a grin on my face. :D

  • Danurrahmajati

    looks great and funny hahahha...,   

  • Erik Schufmann

    This reminds me of a movie i saw the other day.
    Sebastian König, destroyer of the worlds!

    Funny video!
    Go on like this!

  • Maciej Szczesnik

    Great :)

  • JestaBlunt

    yay, made my morning like the hot coffee in my cup i am holding ^^

  • Ray Ramsey

    that was totally awesome and funny

  • ?????? ????????

    Funny. Great job!

  • Lucagb

    Siete dei Grandi, stupendo short

  • Lucagb

     You are the Great, wonderful short

  • Tolulope


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