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Mango Fun: Videos!

The Mango team is updating their blog almost daily - too much for me to keep up and turn BlenderNation into MangoNation. Instead, I'll do periodic updates on the project. Here are some movies that were published this week.

Day 1: Making the animatic

Day 2 Kickoff Film: rough edit

Random tour through the Blender Institute


  • R Janssens

    The more preview and behind-the-scenes videos I see of Mango, the more excited I get for it. Keep up the good work, as always!

  • Alexander Kasper

    I lol'ed :) Hilarious!

  • Electronicpulse

    oh sebastian you're a terrible cameraman hehehe!, thanks for recording tho!, keep on having fun!

  • Herpderp

    Do a post about yafaray's code sprint since, y'know, might be useful.

  • Federico Burch

    Hard at work, I'm curious is this a full time gig for the time being or do some of the people involved go to a different job while doing this?

    It's a pretty cool job regardless, thanks for filming!

  • kABHIr

    that was really fun! i really enjoyed it.

  • Natethegreatgill

    I love all the frequent updates!

  • Guitar

    yes!  Love the updates and it sure looks like fun.  Thanks :)

  • Asdasd

    Link to the blog?

  • Edenfuk

    good work guys.  This reminds me of the time I once used images off the Internet for a storyboard class.  I love that you guys have fun in your project.


  • Sleepwalker

    Interesting approach to doing an animatic. On the slide scale of Fun vs Serious I'm kind of getting the feeling you had a ball doing this. Keep up the good work, but above all keep it fun.

  • jeo


  • Isaac

    "It's like a 2 dimensional beeing  trying to pretend a cube"...!! hehe

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