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By ! FaB !

! FaB ! writes:


Here is my latest work made with our favorite 3d software!
90% Blender and 10% photoshop

I hope you like it !



  • Peter Houlihan

    Looks amazing :D Nice work.

  • Sixthlaw

    This is great. Some very nice work coming out of the Blender community! :) 

  • Skupper

    Really inspiring! And oddly very painterly.

  • Stephan Fleischer

    Awesome! Tell me where Blender ends and Photoshop begins!?

  • Fabien Weibel

    I was really happy to see this image on BlenderNation! Thank you Bart for posting it !

  • ~Tung

    Amazing how you captured the scale and depth of this piece. Awesome work, looks Mango for sure. ô¿ô

  • Drxms

    It looks very cool and futuristic. 

  • CGI Trainer / Peter Drakulic

    this is an excellent work of Art,imo

  • Six Ways

    That's awesome. My new desktop image for a while!

  • Armin

    Thanks Fabien for this nice work. I am very proud of you....

  • seraph


  • Jsantini03

    Wow. Is the smoke blender or photoshop?

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