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Mango Kick-Off

All Mango members have now arrived in Amsterdam! They'll be spending this week on a 'kick-off', where'll they have to turn a short script (written by Ton) into an actual movie in only 5 days! Sounds like fun :)

Note: this is just a short script for training / team building purposes. It's NOT the final Mango script (obviously ;-)


  • toneddu2000

    cool! I can't wait to see the first shots!

  • kABHIr

    nice trick bart i fell for that script

    • Bart Veldhuizen

      It's not a trick - read the post. It's an exercise for the team.

  • Dusty

    I have to confess to looking at the date and checking it's not April 1st..... then I realised this was a test script to see how they get on. Actually REALLY can't wait to see the results! :)

  • Lalror

    So is this a different script than the actual mango movie?  It had better be.  btw, is the guy on the left using a wacom inkling?

    • Bart Veldhuizen

      Yes, this is just for training. 

  • Blendiac

    I wonder if the short will be rel;eased straight away, or if we're going to have to wait for the Mango DVD to come out before we can see it...

    • PhysicsGuy

      The short will be released on Friday on YouTube around 19:00

  • Kentzin

    Hey!! I would love to participate on making the story!!!

  • Richard Burns

    I would give my left testicle to work at Blender Foundation.

  • Big Fan

    Great idea having a team building warm up.

  • Mick Cruz

    That was a very interesting script. :-)  Is that supposed to be the sequel of "Thing Blender Users Would Say" by Andrew Price?

  • Artorp

    Wait wait wait...! Blender'll request a save on exit? Which futuristic whichcraft is this!?! Ton's really aiming high on that one.

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