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Necromancer With her Boar

An awesome model, based on a painting by David Revoy.

Damien Monteillard writes:

My name is Damien Monteillard and I'm French. I have modeled Necromancer with her boar, based on an illustration by David Revoy

Modeling/Texturing/Compositing/Rendering : Blender 2.62
Texturing : Gimp 2.6.11



  • thomas

    Amazin ! looks like a warhammer figurine :D

    Little bug i think : the spear has no shadow ;)

    • Caleb

      That looks to me like it's just the blur in the shadow, the tip certainly has a shadow.

  • dono

    Amazing work ! Bravo Damien !

  • Carsten Wartmann

    I like the style, however some things just don't look too practicall to me. The Skull helmet looks like it would wobble and fall off on any speed of the animal. The position of the legs look very(!) uncomfortable and hurts just looking at it. I think a male would not survive a minute like this... ;-)

  • Fouiny

    Very Good work!! Bravo :)

  • Peter Houlihan

    Thats really nice! Great work :D

  • Anurag Rana

    I think this is very beautiful work. reminds me of the Asterix the gaul comics, also something which had boars. Also since the drawing style is a bit comical, all the more resemblance to the same. Good work ! bravo.. would love to see more work like this. 

  • Chris breen

    nice, now thats modeling at its peak.

  • Manollo

    good job damien ! congratulation :)

  • Twitcher

    Overall - good job. Two more things - grass looks like green hairs (VERY common thing...), what about those mini-skulls? Is she hunting newborns? :/

  • David Revoy

    Many thanks Damien for the good job with my concept, and for the authorization you asked prior to modelling it. 

    Thanks Bart for the featuring :) Original 2D concept :

  • James

    Very nice work!  The first spin of the render and wireframe was fine, then I got dizzy.

    Please stop, move the camera in and show off a few of your favorite angles/parts. 
    They can be stills or slowly moving as someone would check it out at a museum.

    That's my opinion of all turntables though:
    Yes it's 3d, neato. Now be a photographer/cinematographer and really show off your work.


  • Philippe ROUBAL

    Very nice character and render ! Great work !

  • Guestman
  • Theotenai

    Magnifique boulot !

  • Fred M'ule

    Looks too adorable to be a necromancer

  • Marcel

    Ça manque quand même de finissions, c'est presque une honte d'avoir publié cela dans l'état.

  • Dread Knight

    Looks great, but pretty much nothing necromantic to her. Would rather call her a hunter or even amazon.

  • DamienMonteillard

    Thanks all
    Good feedbacks
    Perhaps animate this necromancer with her boar for a next time ;)

  • e5dy

    not so good job, but good spirit ;)
    you can do better with Blender, so much  :D

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