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  • Songobutta

    Thanks for this! 
    Really great animations and atmosphere. 
    And a good insight into the professional production of an 3d short.

  • Joriscompernol

    like it a lot! 
    How long did it take to make this piece of art? What part of the process took the most of the time, modeling, animation, ...? what was the budget?

  • knekke

    Rendered with Arnold...
    I assume the following is not classified
    Fun Facts:
    * 14 artists
    * 5 weeks of production from start to delivery
    * render time from 12 minutes to 15 hours (usually split in 2 or 3 layers: Layout / Characters / puzzle and data passes)
    * 38 614 277 triangles worth of Vegetables and Fruits, with the parking through the windows (before displacement)
    * our "cup cake" artist really wanted to make those assets look delicious; even if they are kind of far in the final cam angle...

    • knekke

      forgot the quotes for the fun facts...I'm not working there

  • Philippe ROUBAL

    Very nice movie !

  • T.E. Mencer

    Wow this is how I was when I got home yesterday and my wife had made fresh bread ..

    Very nice animation! Tells a great story with no voice (until the end, of course). 

  • Peter Houlihan

    Jesus, the end is a little creepy XD

    Great work! I love how the shop looks, its really high class.

  • Jean-Sebastien Guillemette

    Thanks for the post guys! 

  • Jean-Sebastien Guillemette

    And yep,  to confirmed.  This was done by about 14people on a 5week timeline (with department overlapping each other's work).  So maybe 2week and a half of animation, and 3week of finisshing the layout, shading, lighting and compositing the whole thing.
    If you're interested in seeing more of our stuff, don't hesitate to follow us on Twitter  

    Glad you liked it :) 
    (sry for the double post)

  • Pyroevil

    Anothers great commercial from SHED.
    I regret a bit to miss the opportunity to work on that because of a bad timing on my side.
    Nice work to Sylvain and all others artists.
    Done with XSI and Arnold.

  • Comeinandburn

    great work... and top quality story telling:)

  • Sebaskt

    pixar like quality in the renders, and beautiful atmosphere overall. i wish blender can do that in the future

    • b6

      What really matters are the capabilities of the artist not the 3d software. I don't see anything here which couldn't be done in Blender as well.

      This 3d short is top notch because of it's top notch artists :)

      • Sebaskt

         I agree, but I was talking more of a technical point of view regarding rendering/lighting, not design/animation, compositing etc.. Of course with blender something beatiful, amazing and unique could be created even with its limitations, but definitely not exactly like that, cycles can't do SSS nor hair yet, for example.

      • Fapi

        Sad to say this, but on my machine (Phenom x6 1090t 16 gb ram) Blender will die with all this high polygons density and textures details... 

  • Colin

    Super cool, JS!!  Beautifully polished work.  Very interesting to see the behind-the-scenes.  :D

  • Ryanjohnsond

    Looks absolutely pro. Really nice shaders and rendering and details. Great animation. The tip-toeing was awesome! :)

  • Joris

    Arnold renderer: have been hearing about arnold since a long time and really curious to try it out. How to get it, test it?

    • Js Guillemette

      Unfortunately its still not out in the open I believe. You either have to be invited in the beta or be a company who's willing to buy quite a few license.

      Thanks for the comments! Everyone in the team is excited to finally see the "public" reaction! :)

      • Ryanjohnsond

        Yup. That's what another Arnold user told me on CG Society. 

  • 8-bit

    Top notch work! The total package looks fantastic. Really dig the color palette and lighting, but really, everything looks superb!

  • Justin Barrett

    good stuff, but, and just a small gripe....why "non blender" may as well call the site "Not Blender nation"....why not title it more along the lines to show case the artist, a known blender user....
    "Works from Blender and so.."

    • Bart Veldhuizen

      Expectation management. In the past, people flamed me into a smoking pile of rubble for posting non-Blender content, even if I did mention to in the description.

  • Romzess

    3dMAX :(

    а где ж там Blender ?? 

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