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Timelapse - Lake

See how this image was made.

Jonathan Esquivel writes:

I made this lake using blender 2.62, about 2 hours finishing it, here's the timlapse :)


  • T.E. Mencer

    Wow great design, layout and nice ... well, work! It was interesting to see the time lapse, how you did layouts, etc. 

    Out of curiosity, any reason you didn't use Cycles? Everyone is all gung  ho about it, just seems strange to see something promoted using the regular ol' renderer. Looks great - don't get me wrong - just curious. 

    Again, nice work!

    • Jonathane30191

       Nop, I really like Cycles, but I just wanted to do it with the internal render :)

  • psy-fi

    Excellent! Well done!

  • Comeinandburn

    that's an amazing render.  Thanks for the making of.. the compositing was as interesting as the final image.

  • George_Kim

    Beautiful. It's annoying, though, that you have to post those time-lapse videos to prove that you really did it with Blender, time and time again. :(

    • Nick Rishel

      I think you misinterpret why people post time lapses, they are just great ways to quickly get the idea of other peoples' work flow, without putting burden on the artist to create a tutorial or explanation. Also, it is multipurpose, as an artist can reference it for work.

      • Learch

        Agreed. Some of us noobs get a lot out of a timelapse. Full tutes are good, but a timelapse is a great way to get a sense of what's possible and how people might use the same features in different ways. I like 'em.

      • George_Kim

        I'm sorry if I had misinterpreted some of the Blender artists who had posted time-lapse videos. I had used time-lapse videos to prove the capabilities of Blender to a professional VFX Blender was looked down on as a valid VFX tool. And they recognized its potential by awarding me a second prize in their VFX challenge. But it's a time-consuming and tedious process. I noticed that the artist above likely had gone through almost the entire process all over again to recreate what he had done. 

        • Caleb

          Are you assuming that they redo the whole thing for the time-lapse? I would think that you'd record the video as you do it the first time.

          • Tobias Einarsson

            Look at the final image in the video and compare it to the one posted above. I am convinced that it is not the same image.

            EDIT: Jonathan mentions this below.. nevermind. :)

  • chessboard

    First, a very inspiring picture! It remembers me of a vacation in Finland years ago.

    But in the picture above the video there is something wrong with the vertical direction of the woodgrain that makes the picture look unreal. Compared to that the final result in the time-lapse has a correct horizontal grain. In my eyes the last picture in the time-lapse is much more realistic.Is there a reason why this was changed? 

    • Jonathane30191

      Thanks! Well, I actually did some changes after the time-lapse and I screw the wood texture :( The one from the video uses the UV coordinates, but the image uses Generated.

  • Kirill Poltavets

    I think that for a single shot you could make simpler landscape (it's too blurred to be so detailed). And (for my taste) the water is TOO wavy. Maybe I haven't seen real lakes too much ))
    Anyway - thanks for this timelapse! It gives nice inspiration spirit and some very good ideas (for own improvement at least) even for experienced Blender users.

  • Anthony Pilon

    1) Open Blender
    2) Delete default cube
    3) Add-->Mesh-->Cube
    4) Start modelling

    I do it every time. :)

    • Jonathane30191

      That cube does not belong to me xD

  • Metpinarci

    I liked it , thank you .

  • selecta trafaret

    Great stuff!!!
    Your work is live proofing that Blender is becoming more and more production ready. Support the developers and in time you can create just amazing stuff!

  • joan argemí

    Nicely done Jonathan, nice and neat. Thanks , grácias.

  • Peter Houlihan

    Great video! Thanks for sharing!

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