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Sintel in HP Z1 Workstation Video!

Hey look, HP built themselves an iMac clone! (And for some unfathomable reason, focus half of their movie on the boring insides of the machine). Anyway, a nice Sintel sighting by Johnell and Fabrix.


  • ucupumar

    Noooo, don't take Scale....

  • bboyclike

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SINTEL IS ON AN HP COMMERCIAL!? AWESOME NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS A BIG LEAP AND ACCOMPLISHMENT FOR BLENDER!!!

  • PhysicsGuy

    The real question is: was the commercial rendered using Blender

    • Jeroen Mank

       I was asking my self the same question. :)
      And iMac clone? As far as i can see this is a windows PC. These windows all-in-ones have been around for quite some time already.

      • Peter Houlihan

         I think he meant that it was an all built into the monitor kind of deelie.

        As for blender? Possibly, if they went as far as featuring it in the display it seems likely.

        • PhysicsGuy

          It's either that, or they hope Ton will buy the workstations for project Mango!

        • Simon Kent

          Built-in monitor pcs have been around for some time now. 

          To be honest it's not a trend I welcome. 

      • Peter Houlihan

        "As far as i can see this is a windows PC"

        Also, not that theres any real distinction anymore other than marketing. Install OSX and its a mac.

  • Peter Houlihan

    "Hey look, HP built themselves an iMac clone! (And for some unfathomable
    reason, focus half of their movie on the sexy insides of the machine).
    Anyway, a nice Sintel sighting by Johnell and Fabrix."

    Fixed it for you ;)

    • Bart Veldhuizen

      Ah, you must be their target audience ;-)

  • Guest

    From what I've been reading/watching you can apparently open this guy up and change the parts without any special tools. I'll have to do a bit more research on it but I am definitely interested. Thank you for posting this article..

    • onjoFilms

      What I read is you can open it up, spread the fans out and have a hovercraft.  It's a new military option.

    • Peter Houlihan

       Do you need special tools to change parts in a normal PC? A screwdrivers always done the trick for me. I'm all for stuff like that being made easier though, so props to them.

  • Anthony Pilon

    More commercials should be like this (including the music). Makes me want one, especially that nVidia Quadro card -- Cycles paradise!

  • MacroManJr

    ...I want one.

  • Guest
  • Kim

    Nice commercial and nice design but starting at 1900$ ? For a crappy i3-2120? :O
    Even a iMac is cheaper. I don't want to know how much the Xeon/Q4000M version is.

  • Carsten Wartmann

    I think this Quadro shines on wires not on Cycles. But I would not mind to get one of these Z1 to blender ;-)

  • Bah

    I think the texturing and lighting on the innards are actually pretty poor, so I hope it wasn't rendered in Blender. I'd guess it was not, because if you look closer they're viewing Sintel in Adobe Premiere.

  • Z1

    The reason of the focus??? because it's the purpose of this product. In fact, i rather don't see the interest of Sintel here.
    And it is a NICE product :)


  • T.E. Mencer

    They're focusing on the innards because this is a revealing of their new system. Though I recall them having an all-in-one that looked like this with a touch screen several years ago ..

    All-in-one computers have been around for a while. My mom owned on in the early 2000s. iMac wasn't the first, though the most popular due to the Apple brand peddling. I used to have a Tandy (before Radio Shack bought the brand) that had everything all built in.

  • JA12

    If that is a iMac clone, then they should show what's inside the machine.
    Apple builds (read: Chinese children build) Macs with plastic explosives underneath so that if you try to see what's inside, you won't live to tell the tale.
    Yeah. Except for Sintel, boring ad. C'mon HP, release the WebOS already and stop making these Windows toys.

    How's that for a provocative comment? :P

  • AlekB

    I saw Big Buck Bunny in the screen montage that was playing on the HD computer screens at the Office Max right near where I live.

  • Sebaskt

    This shows more in detail the specs of the workstation:

    damn expensive, but definitely the future, why make things bigger other than lower price?

  • Daren Davoux

    Not only was that Sintel, but the computer was running Blender.  HP just became my go-to PC maker.  

    • Nick Rishel

       Actually, it's running Sintel in Adobe Premiere.

      • Daren Davoux

        Acckk!  You are right.  Should have watched in full screen.  Guess I'll have to go back to building my own PC's...

        • Blendiac

           Yeah, I got all excited thinking that *finally* we'd gotten video thumbnails in the VSE, but no...

          *softly weeps*

  • OS

    Water in my mouth! HP Z1+Nvidia Quadro Q4000M+Linux Mint 12 or Fedora 16 or Suse OS+Blender+Gimp+Mypaint = Extasis

    • Philip Witte

      I'd put Arch on it. That way I get Blender/Gimp/MyPaint updates a few hours after their released upstream without having to hunt down a PPA :-)

  • bmt

    Two more fans and no stand would be needed... ;-)

  • Afalldorf

    Imac clone!? not hardly, this PC appears to be fully upgrade-able and easily at that... this is far better than any shit mac...
    They focus on the interior because that's the important aspect of the PC, the fact that while its so compact, they still used standard parts and are showing just how easy it is to upgrade.
    I wonder if the video itself is rendered in blender? Its clearly a 3d rendering...

  • Dee


  • Raimon

    HP are the kings of programmed obsolescence on informatics... evil and bad intentioned practices.... so generally speaking I don't like HP, even if they use Sintel :)

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