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A very nice camera tracking sample by by ChincheArt.


  • StormChaser295

    Very nice!

  • Lawrence D’Oliveiro

    Missed opportunity to do a buried Statue of Liberty, so someone can deliver Charlton Heston’s line: “We finally, really did it”! ...

  • johnkyp

    Haha, that's exactly what I thought...Such an opportunity to re-live a classic moment of the planet of the apes. :-)

  • roofoo

    The tracking is spot on. The shadows, however, are way off. Compare the shadows in the foreground to the dragon's shadows and you'll see it needs more blue.

  • T.E. Mencer

    This is well done! Great work. At first I thought, "Oh, look they captured my awesome sand sculpting abilities on film!" until I saw the mesh and realized they just redid my .. ok, I can't do any of that and was trying to make a funny. I'm too tired for making funnies. lol

  • Cmo

    I was waiting for it to come out of the sand and fly away...

  • Robbiebrown

    Loved this!

  • Jeroen Hoolmans

    I agree on the shadow issue, and there is something funny happening in the face area..
    Other than that, the tracking is good :)

  • DOOMsayer

    Reminded me of this great stop motion vid

  • Marius

    Is that Cycles or internal? Maybe it's just me, but until now I couldn't figure (in Cycles) how to make a plane that only receives shadow, so I can composite objects into images. Maybe som of you guys can only point me in the right direction. Thanks a lot!

  • Jan Sandahl

    Liked it! :) But what´s the flickering in the texture about?

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