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Blender Podcast Episode 14

Blender Podcast Episode 14 has been released.

Thomas Dinges writes:

We had the chance to interview Sergey Sharybin, who is currently working for the Blender Foundation. He is also part of the Mango Team! We also talked briefly about the upcoming Blender 2.62 release.



  • Gbramboeck9fx

    what is the song called you always play at the beginning of your podcast?

  • Jay-Artist

    Listened to this yesterday, was very interesting as always - although I must admit Sergey's conversation was very hard to hear as the quality was very low - I could have done with subtitles!

    • Campbell Barton

      Yep, was a real shame about the audio quality. not sure what happened but Sergey's recording sounded like it had been compressed (low quality phone conversation?), but it was a recording he did locally on his own PC, so far we have been fairly lucky to have guests record themselves and send us the sound files, but this time something went a bit wrong :/ .

  • Guest

    Surely you don't have to post every time there's a episode?

    • Bart Veldhuizen

      I think it's interesting enough news to share.

    • Campbell Barton

       there are not _that_ many, once every 3 weeks or so, also - when a dev who works for the blender-institute is interviewed this is news isn't it?

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