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Stained Game : Trailer Launch


Stained was developed entirely using open-source software. Modelling and level design was done in Blender, the graphics are powered by OGRE, and the Bullet drives the physics engine.

sushil writes:

Stained is upcoming indie game title from RealAxis software developed using Blender and Ogre3d. Stained is a side-scrolling, platforming and combat action game set in an ancient, mysterious castle featuring detailed 3D environments with a continually changing game world.

Events in Stained are triggered by breaking objects placed in and around the castle, and outcomes are determined by the combination of glass pieces that litter the ground, leading to a variety of experiences. Novel ways to break objects have to be thought of at times, which will keep the player guessing what the next puzzle will be. In any fight in the game victory is usually temporary, as defeated foes may form again, or reassemble to form entirely new ones. The gameplay is fully interactive and physics based – each character’s uncanny abilities have to be kept in mind to think of innovative ways to proceed through the game!

Stained was developed entirely using open-source software. Modelling and level design was done in Blender, the graphics are powered by OGRE, and the Bullet drives the physics engine. The combination results in scintillating gameplay and visuals.

For more details on Stained visit our website.


  • Aberration

    It's promising... The animations are a bit stiff, but there's quite a lot interesting stuffs in this video...
    Is it a first game?
    Will it be open-source?

  • realaxis

    This is a kick starter project of  realaxis software .. it is commercial project.

  • Yoyo

    Nice storytelling and graphic
    but animation is so Bad
    it's destroy all the nice work done

  • Robert Speed

    Animations could use some work, especially the characters idle animation.
    But other than that it looks great!

    • realaxis

      Yes Animation editing is on the list.

  • Jay

    This looks good! The visuals and concept are interesting. On the topic of animation, I would say it's good in spots and needs work in others- one thing in particular is the scythe hit to the ground, it could be more dramatic and weighty. It would be cool to have a shock wave emanate from it and knock out the glass when it hits the walls, and maybe even have some camera shake when it hits the camera ;)

    • Anonymous

      Those are some good suggestions.

    • realaxis

      We will try to implement few things from here. Thanks for your suggestions. 

  • Blendiac

    Interesting concept and some nice use of the scythe (love where he uses it to slide down the wall). The design of the enemies is a bit bland, but the environments look gorgeous. Running around as a grim reaper with a scythe has to fulfill at least one of my childhood fantasies. :) ... What? Why's everyone looking at me like that?

    • realaxis

      Why you run as a grim reaper is part of the story, but here is clue for you... a black and white guy fights a colour full stained monsters. 

  • Anonymous

    It looks incredibly creative. But really kinda... creepy. Maybe I am just a wuss? Don't answer that.

    • Terencedesu

      maybe its the smurf avatar? ;-)

      • Anonymous

        Look closer and you'll see it has cross hairs and the words "open season" under it. I can't stand smurfs.

  • Anonymous

    Looks interesting.  I like the concept of the game, and your level designs look nice.  I definitely like the idea of your enemies being able to reassemble and even become new forms.  I can see this game selling on a digital distribution platform.

    My only friendly suggestion would be that perhaps you could use a little more polish with the character animations, but I personally don't think it's going to stop the fun of this game and maybe we'll see that addressed in (perhaps) a sequel.  ;)

    I'm rooting for you (I'm an indie game developer with Blender as part of my workflow, too)!  Good luck to you, guys!

    • realaxis

      Yes character animations polishing is on list, Also we are thinking to provide more characters in DLC etc.. One other which you might like is we are also going to provide a level editor build in Blender along with the game. So all our blender friends can build their own game levels. We are soon going to post a video on how to create a stained level in Blender.

  • Tommy

    Looks like Trine, minus the eye candy.

  • matt partin

    Nice job on the game! The fact your using open source software is impressive. How is Bullet working out for you? I am actually a newcomer to Blender (came from Maya) and I may be with an indie developer soon so any tutorials or videos would be most appreciated. Are you using your own website to distribute this? Or a cloud site?

    • realaxis

      We are creating a video to explain our level editing tool in blender, I will keep that updated on this post. 

  • Blenderer

    Great work and it kind of hurts to say because of the amount of work spent but you guys really need to learn about composition and camera movement there because the cinematics at the start were no where near dramatic enough, I also agree with what said about the rest of the animation.
    For the rest it looks very promising but since it is a commercial singleplayer game I suggest you fix that stuff.

    • realaxis

      yes agreed.

  • stainedthegame

    Check out a new game play trailer ..

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