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The Making of Captain Proton

Luis Arizaga revisits his awesome Captain Proton image and takes you through it's creation process.

Luis writes:

This cartoon character was based on a retro sci-fi idea. I wanted to show a character with strong pose, expression and silhouette with 3D art. My goal was to complete the process in 3D with the open source software Blender.

You will not achieve an appealing 3D character if you don't have good references with good bases in character design. Working in 3D takes a long time and you will forget elements that are key points during the process. It's very important to define your 2D concept art design. In this case I collected a bunch of references from the internet and also had a female alien concept that I liked. Sometimes I'll do a quick 3D sculpt concept too.



  • Anonymous

    Thanks for sharing this tutorial and also it's cool looking character.

  • Anonymous

    I was interested in how they made that picture.  Thanks!

    • Hananto

      click the link at bottom, not the picture....(^_^)

  • Jan Sandahl

    I love the attention to detail that went into this. A trait of a master. 

  • Zander Nicolic

    Thanks for sharing. Tips on materials I find very useful.
    Cool character, and excellent render.

  • Anonymous

    Your render is beautiful. I really like the work, thank you for the opportunity to post.

  • Luis Arizaga

    Hi everybody again!

    The opensource community makes an amazing work with Blender. More professionals should promote this program and give a try. It's very powerfull. Maybe next time I can test Cycles with the characters but I'm a little afraid about how to integrate hair. Since my next character is not bald :). Well, I will have some fun with all the process and I will share it with all of you.

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