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  • Obladiobama

    Great work, inspired composition, real artistic qualities shade the technical ones! Congratulations and keep up the good work!

  • Sephster

    I really like this. I think the lamp is a bit too warm but apart from that I think it is great. Would love to know how you made the curtains. Well done!

  • Christian Lehmann

    I like the details. A paper-flyer, a wood-plane, the picture on the wall, a rocket on the desk, a child-drawn jet, streaks in the sky. And the plane decoration at the ceiling. Great!

  • Joseph FORET

    I really like it, real poetry ! It smells childhood memories

  • Mathieu Fanedel

    very very nice! Idea and work out, congrats! mg, Math.

  • Alexander Kasper

    Great image! Only thing I find a bit odd is that the windows open to the outside, but I understand that the image works better this way :) I love images that tell a story!

    • Mike Storr

      Many older homes had their windows this way, although I've personnaly only seen them in 1-1/2 story buildings with dormer windows. The interior ceilings are sloped steeply and too close to allow the windows to open into the room.

      • guest

        almost all of the windows in asia open out. 

  • Thomasdesign

    Alex,  Think about some of the best Disney movies to help you get past it...Peter Pan, Christmas Carol, etc.  The joy of bursting open the window to see what the day has brought!  Though I know there probably aren't many actual windows that open out aside from the crank windows.  Love it Vance!  All the little details make this amazing, like Christian said above.

  • Delfeld

      Nice story.  Really puts this kid in a path to working for a pilot's license.  There is no hint of the current working conditions for pilots, but that's the whole kid illusion, after all. 

      I like this pic, but I do want to point out issues I have with the wood.  There needs to be a distinction in textures between the decal and the balsawood on the rubberband plane.  The wood would not be shiny, and the decal would have a different reflection angle.  The same problem with the floor . . . this is a kid's room, so will have scuffs, and wood is much more random than this in floorboards.  For example, I think you have the right idea in the posters on the wall -- uneven shapes due to hanging and wear. 

      Thanks for posting this.  Have you tried submitting this to a model-building magazine?  Or maybe one of the websites for balsawood models?

  • Ireneusz Lewandowski

      A wonderful time of the twentieth century. Well done

  • josh

    the lighting is fantastic! kind of has a pixaresque feel.

  • Ethan Ewing

    A true masterpiece. I love it!

  • Vance Bowman Jr

    Thanks all for your compliments. I'm pleased and somewhat surprised that the response has been so positive. I really enjoyed working on this project, and the response has certainly been encouraging. I can't wait to start a new one now! 

    @ Sephster 
    In regards to the curtains, I modeled them hanging straight down with the vertical folds. Then I applied a cloth modifier to them. Then I set up a wind force field and blew them. I also set up the trash can to act as a collision object for the curtains. There is a lot of geometry in those curtains. In fact, there is a lot of geometry in the entire scene. A professional modeler would probably be appalled at how reckless I was with computer resources, but I wasn't on a deadline, so I didn't care :)

  • Doe Joe

    I'm not sure why. But this has to be my favorite of all time. The innocence. The detail. The lighting. Modelling. Simplicity. Textures.
    As a pilot this brings back so many childhood memories.

    The contrails are a great touch that adds a conclusion.


  • Nimblepix

    Absolutely Beautiful!

  • Nobomusialem

    Great idea and rly cool graphic :)

  • Ron Farley

    Fantastic!  This is my childhood room !  I had the balsa flyers, the rockets, the lamp, the paper airplanes, the pencils, event the wallpaper!  Wow...very nice !

  • zsolnai

    It has fantastic character. Congratulations!

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