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Versus -Short Film

Character animation is a bit stiff, but I think the overall look of this video is great!

Rajiv writes:

My very first short film modeled and animated completely on Blender 2.6.
Hope you enjoy..Video made completely on Blender 2.6.


  • Jalik

    Your film is very well done, the modeling is perfect, texturing also, and i like the toon/realistic rendering, you could just soften shadows (heli's one) and yeah animation is not your best skill but it's still better than me.. so keep working hard, and tell us for the next chapter ;)

  • Dusty

    Whatever you say about the animation, this is very well rendered.

    I kept thinking of the Manga film Akira.

    Would love to see your rendering and node set-up for this!

    • Ron Proctor

      I was picking up the Akira vibe too. I like that toon/semi-real look.

      Animation is coming along and audio could use some sweetening, but I liked it, overall.

  • Rajiv

    A big heartfelt thank you to the Guy/Gal that posted/published my video here!!! Thank You!

    @Jalik And Dusty -apart from hand motions, walk cycles and other basic animations, this was my very first shot at something on this scale, its just inexperience, next time I hope to use storyboards to better plan out the video..

    Thanks again to all of you!!

  • Vespasian

    Although I'm not that fan of "low framerate" videos yours look quite nice. Apart from the mentioned animation stuff I would look into camera positon/movement (and I don't mean shake ;) ). In some scenes the camera is not moving which gives me the feeling of a surveillance cam.

    Apart from that a great idea :)

  • Rajiv

    @bc7946b08b482e58d9c8195594442470:disqus I used CM extensively to further reduce render-times, using pan/movement on the camera would negate that advantage.
    Also the file size of that video is only 12.2MB. I plan to use render-layer compositing in the future but for now CM is a tried and trusted tool to keep memory usage low.

    Also the Merc models are ~2000 vertices
                 Spec Ops are ~4000 vertices

    These are the limitations imposed on me by the 2core PC and 2GB RAM-no graphics card.

    Thanks for the critique, your points are noted.

    • L3clara

      Achieving this video with this specs

      Also the Merc models are ~2000 vertices
                   Spec Ops are ~4000 vertices

      These are the limitations imposed on me by the 2core PC and 2GB RAM-no graphics card.

      That is awesome!

  • PhysicsGuy

    How was the toon like effect achieved? Freestyle?

  • Hjmediastudios

    What on Earth is "CM?"

    • LswaN

      I'm sure it's one of those abbreviations that is really obvious once you know what it is, but I was wondering the same thing...

  • Rajiv

    Camera mapping

    @574306684f34f4cd1da8dcf0e817a238:disqus Material nodes

  • seanser

    Hard to believe this is your first work. You've dona a great job, well done

  • Ch_97

    I'm sorry for my ignorance, but it's rendered in Cycles, right?

    • Rajiv

      Modeled on Blender and rendered completely on Blender Internal Renderer, goes to show how powerful and versatile it is,

      cycles is good for realistic architectural, interior Design rendering.

  • Dwmitch

    Blue muzzle flashes for the good guys and red muzzle flashes for the bad guys. Do I detect a G.I Joe fan?

  • Sumeet

    leaving the animation aside, the shots are nicely done. well done for a first effort. cheers..

  • stan

    nice colour palette!

  • Solanus

    Overall looks good, just the human (?) proportions seem off - torsos too long or limbs way too short. Unless these are non-humans?

  • Zelen3d

    Great video. It's this render style that makes you think the animation isn't 3d until everything starts moving!

  • 8-bit

    This is an excellent first attempt at a short film! I'm sure w/ more practice and education the quality of your work will grow exponentially as it looks like you already have a a good grasp of what you're doing. Would like to see your next piece as you get better. Thanks for sharing!

  • Paul J Mason

    I liked it!  All I can say is, the post could have been better, that's it.

  • Dane Custance


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