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Carve Library for new Boolean Operation soon in Trunk

All product designers and architects will love this one. The new Carve library finally is making its way into trunk and bringing to us much faster boolean operations. Now interactive cut section animation and non-destructive modeling are doable in Blender. The code is very stable, does not crash as much as the current boolean code and is very fast.

The material system is now also supporting a boolean material. To do this the boolean material (pink) has to be added as a second material to the monkey. As you can see this works during render time as well as shaded view.

To learn more about it, I uploaded a test file here:

There are plenty of builds for OS X and Windows now available at


  • erick parra

    Thank you !! I will try it.

  • Artorp

    The link to is broken. :)

    • Anonymous

      it's because he forgot the http:// so browsers automatically parse it as a link on blendernation :P

      • claas

        yep my fault - I need to put that http:// in - will do that now.

        • riftmaster

          that now links to pasteall :)

  • Andy

    Yes! Great work - thank you....

  • Anonymous

    Cool stuff, this will be very helpful

  • Nathan Carl Lewis

    Linux builds? Some one? Any body?

    • Lawrence D’Oliveiro

      It’s somewhat easier to do your own builds on Linux than on other platforms. On Debian derivatives (e.g. Ubuntu, Mint), a simple “apt-get build-dep blender” ensures that you have all the necessary dependencies to do the build.

  • Oana

    Architect jumping with joy, thanks!! :)

  • Max

    EXCELLENT!!!!!!! :D

  • Bruno Cornelsen

    Great!! Cant wait!!

  • Kirill Poltavets

    Thanks, Devs! These news are great!

  • jantus

    Awesome :D 

  • Ignatz

    The new booleans are great.  The only problem is that the calculations are a bit slow.  I only wish that there had been a function included so that when one tries to move, rotate or scale one of the objects involved in the modifier that the calculation update be temporarily suspended until the change has been effected.

    • Anonymous

      good idea

  • claas


    I agree on that one with you - I am not sure if they kept it this way because you need this refresh for frame by frame animation.

    Still this is much better than the old solution.

  • chromemonkey

    This, is seriously cool.  Only possible question I have might be, "how work Control R?", (Or perhaps, "In the process of intersecting a boolean with the object a boolean appear, no understand!!!!")  ((All kidding aside though, this looks awesome.))

  • Riccardo Gagliarducci

    Ah ah, really fantastic ;)
    Specially boolean material.

  • ccherrett

    claasThey could simply make it a checkbox option to recalculate only after move,scale... is complete

  • claas

    I very much agree with you to turn on off constant evaluation when moved during modeling.

    • CrazyTigger

      which exists nicely by using the eye icon on the boolean modifier to turn off its visibility...

      • claas

        Uhm so you want to have to turn a feature insivible - visible instead of evaluate only afte move?

  • Erik Schufmann

    Thats a big architect-like from me!

  • Sévérino


    It's possible to implement, this carve boolean into the one brick of the game engine... !?? To cut and re-cut monster, doors, cars, space ships, fingers, hands, heads and more a lot of another things... !???


  • mzungu

    I'm not getting how the boolean material is applied. Are there any resources or instructions on how to work this spiffy tool? (I'm going to find this VERY handy for the mechanical assembly animations I've been doing! Customers love to be able to see inside to see how the inner workings look...)

    • Matt

       I was missing this too, but it says above in the article: "To do this the boolean material (pink) has to be added as a second material to the monkey"

  • lecithin

    thx a lot!

  • Casper Smits

    INCRE... wait for it... DIBLE!!!
    Amazing, I've been waiting for this! I wanted to boolean an pattern on a ring for 3D Printing, but Blender would always crash. NOW IT WORKS :D:D

  • Anonymous

    YES! 100% boner right now.

  • Wouter215

    i made a test animation based on the .blend file: 

  • Hawk


  • Jaka Benedik

    yes, yes, yes.........

  • wilkinsgraham

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