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Add-On: Balcon and Jamb Generator Scripts

For all architects this might be an interesting tool box addition to evaluate. It offers an interface to design balconies, windows, and jambs providing you access to modify dimensions as well as design styles.

Download Links:


  • Hashusdin

    Çok güzel. Devamını bekliyoruz.

    • Zander Nicolic

      Cool. Now all people from Belarus is able to understand you.

      • Daniel M. Basso

        People from Belarus speak turkish? Niet! :p

    • Bart Veldhuizen

      In English please.

      • Ben Blease

        "It's beautiful. We expect more." Why turkish? 

  • Bernieman

    The Link for the Jamb-Script contains the Blendernation URL. Just remove it and than it is OK. Thx for the Scripts

    • Bart Veldhuizen

      Fixed, thanks!

  • Caddboss

    The only thing remaining is to translate it. :)  Minor problem though. Thanks for great script from an architects.

  • foxi

    thanks for the scripts :) but can you translate it ? if you want  blender-people are using the script, you have to do it ;-)

  • Ignatz

    Yes, I agree.  The scripts are useful, but the Turkish language is a bit of a puzzle for this kid. ;)

  • Karlis Stigis

    That's great, but you lose all the parameters at the moment you deselect it. 

  • Jrkirby

    Did anyone else read "Bacon and Jam generator scripts" at first?

    • Anonymous

      I read "bacony lamb"

  • roofoo

    Mmmmmm, balcon. *drools*

  • Randy Fugate

    I translated the Windows script to English using Google Translate... took all of about 10 minutes.

  • lb

    Window generator best:) theese two also are good but for most arch. projects windows, doors...stairs, strips are used. Maybe in future this author will create more generators related to internal arch? That would be awesome!

  • Birdaldo

    Does the balcony generator allow for a structural thermal break:-

    (Modelled and rendered in Blender 249.)

  • Hamp210

    Widows script is showing broken...any alternate links?

    • Hamp210

      Windows script link*

  • rickyblender

    sorry but last file for windows does not download ?

    anyone has another site to get it ?


  • claas

    Ricky the link works itself:

    however clicking on the link makes it fail.I added http:// infront of so when you click on it the browser or wordpress do not get confused.


  • Mostafa

    Does any one know the background music name? :)

  • rickyblender

    ok thanks for the windows script i have it now!

    it would be nice if the words in the GUI where in English  to better undertsand it

    are you planning to make an English version?

    and may be you should  upload these ot the Forum for scripts  at blender or on blenderartist forum may be!

    it would be easier to find these

    but overall nice work

  • Mustafa Mustika

    Şahane valla ellerine sağlık. menüde yükseklik sağ sol yazması güzel bi duygu ;)

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