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Tutorial: How to create a Anamorphic Lens Flare in Blender 2.61

Micah Austin uploaded an interesting approach to creating anamorphic lens flare effects with Blender's internal renderer and the compositor system using geometry and textures. Because this is hand made it is very flexible, can be customized to your needs and is usable for animation.


  • Patrick Depoix

    Hi all, there is a little explanation about the concept of Anamorphic: 
    Clearer....before to see the video tutorial.

  • Metpinarci

    Micah Austin , well that is one nice tutorial , I can think of may more places that I would use this fx , okay well thank you for your time .

  • Brady Clayton

    Nice! Very informative!

  • Erik Crins

    Just finished the tutorial! Thanks! Impressive effect.
    Now for some animation....

  • James Dayton

    For a step-by-step version of this tutorial in After Effects check out this link:

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