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Firefox Plugin Tilt Exports to Blender

From the competely-useless-but-why-not department: Tilt is a Firefox addon that lets you visualize any web page in 3D. A new update is available, coming with more developer-oriented features.

From the Tilt page:

A requested feature was the ability to export the visualization as a 3D mesh, to be used in games or other 3D editors. Tilt adds the ability to export to .obj, along with a material .mtl file and a .png texture (a screenshot of the entire webpage). The open .obj format ensures the fact that the mesh can be opened with almost any editor.



  • Blenderer

    Could be useful for environment modelling

    • Dread Knight

      I really fail to see how. Perhaps you can share some light :D

  • Bruno Cornelsen

    Very useful for motion graphics :)

  • MartianR

    a wonderful copyright minefield :))

  • Alvin Nashif Magarang

    it is useful for web designers helping them creating a more effective css...

    • Robert Elm

      you read my mind. Sometimes It's really hard to visualize what is happening with regard to all those tables and frames, could be useful to see the actual structure of nesting on a site... could have used this a few years ago when I was making sites.

  • Alex

    @facebook-1165140109:disqus , yeah, it looks like a great way to inspect the structure of a page.

  • Anonymous

    I think I'll use this effect on an intro to an instructional video I'm working on.

  • Richard Wilks

    After a long Blender session I'm always trying to pan or rotate web pages in the browser.
    You mean now I  can?!

  • Dusty

    This could be used as one of those bloody annoying CSI Miami computer screens..... ;)

    Or other futuristic looking computer screen visual effect.

  • Nion

    Interesting idea. I just love "competely-useless-but-why-not" things!

  • Francob411

    What if you were able to usena tool like this to better target DOM elements when doing front end design?

  • Drew42

    Change the materials, and one would have another type of greeble generator ...I think.

  • PV

    Actually, this is pretty cool.  And would be an awesome addon for data analysis - especially creating page layouts with multiple depths so you could select content, code, design, etc. from various layers.  Combine it with a visual element of adding presets to specific text to get special web effects, and it could make for one heck of a creation environment. 

  • Anonymous

    Also could be one of the first steps of the internet losing it's 2D format.  Some companies seem hell bent on moving the online experience away from a desk and make it more interactive.  6th Sense, smart phone and slate tech, Kinect and more are all signs of the standard monitor and tower evolving.

    It's also a sign that 3D software is getting easier to develop and I have mad respect for them using the .obj exporter.  Hooray open source!

    Then of course, it could go absolutely no where, that happens sometimes too.

    • Wshaver79

       with respect, I don't see Kinect being more than a niche product. the only reason it's where its at now is cause the tech owner is practically forcing it to be out there.

      and i'm sorry but voice commands and the user interaction with that hardware isn't exactly stellar.

      • Anonymous

        People are using it to operate machinery or create crude real time 3D environments.

        Doctors are using it to search through patient files so they don't have to re-sterilize. 

        Stellar cartography and invisible multitouch surface similar to an iPad where it tracks the movement of your hands. 

        I also recall an article on here where someone was using it as a cheap motion capture.

        I agree, the tech still has a ways to go, but that it's commercially available and in continual development means good things about where it's headed.  I've seen a lot of clever things being created with Kinect which is why I listed it as part of the evolving technologies which are changing our interaction with computers.

        It's quite possible it may go nowhere, as I stated previously, there's been more than one emerging technology which showed a lot of promise and flopped, but a large chunk of the early quarter of XBox's games are developed specifically with Kinect in mind and they're still selling.  Currently, if trends continue, it will get better.

  • Grady O'Neill

    Best use I can think of for this tool is illustrating visualising to non-web designers just how complex a page layout can be. Often people thinking that because a page's layout looks simple and clean, with lots of whitespace, that it must be very easy and simple to make. This tool could clearly demonstrate that web page structures are actually incredibly complex when you break them down.

  • Malcomb Bell

    you say "competely-useless-but-why-not" i say this could lead to an innovative game where people build cities on web pages!!!

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