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Cockroach Crowd Simulation

Watch 'em go! This simulation is part of the 'Tube' project.

snot nose writes:

Crowd simulation from the open source film project 'tube'. I wrote the AI using Python and Blender's game engine (and also had to do some manual editing).

The bone animation was done using autowalk script, which was re-written and rigged by Bassam Kurdali (Director and Technical Director of Tube), based on the 2.49 ant rig by MCHammond. The Frontal and background animation by Karen Webb.

Still Wip, some roaches will be deleted for the sake of composition, some adjusted. We are going to export their movement into curves and then apply it as a modifier over their main body. The antennas will probably use the new noise modifer in blender's curve editor. And some roaches will be stepped and crunched...

I used logic bricks for the AI and python mostly for conditions. I will post later the final script and also a small tut that explains it. But as I finished to work on it, blender was just releasing new features in the game engine - the steering actuator, navigation mesh, obstacle avoidance and basically most of the stuff i was already working on. so now it should be actually much easier to setup the AI in blender, and probably would be good to combine some options from my script into it.

Unfortunately, the main problem with using the game engine as a crowd simulator, is that the recorder can't record bone armatures, just primitves (that were used for the AI). But bassam did great work on the autowalk script and created also an interface that give a lot of control over the roaches.



  • Eukleyv Cardoso

    I want to see it :O

  • Alex Carby

    This is remarkable! I can remember reading this  and hoping for something that could help with at least non-hero action of crowds.  Great result!

  • Patrick Depoix

    Hi, Very good results!
    But don't forget thiis original link for evrey body [Autowalker script py]: 

  • Karlis Stigis

    Is it possible to make this without using game engine?

  • Max Hammond

    Awsome work, those cockroaches behave like real insects.
    This is definitely a project to keep an eye on.
    Good luck and have fun with the rest of the film :P

  • Lyle Walsh

    Creeping me out!

  • MarcoAlici

    Really impressive!

  • MarcoAlici

    Really impressive!!!

  • Bassam Kurdali

    Hey guys! Josh Wedlake did the original autowalker script, and it got fixed thanks to that call for help! however, though it worked, I was unable to adapt it to work with anything other than the test rig; the code was just too specific (and long!) and Josh didn't have time to continue maintanership.
    so I ended up rewriting it after all. The new code is slightly shorter, and to me a bit more understandable. I've refactored a couple of time as I was writing to seperate the rig specifics from the walk code ; probably will do so one more time, and adapt to a human crowd later on.
    OH and of course this is all to be released under the GPL... should I do an early release now? (considering that it is still a bit limited)

  • Kirill Poltavets

    Woaahh! It looks incredible!

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