Captain Proton

By Luis Arizaga

Luis writes:

This lil alien is one of a 3d toon character series. Testing open software for CG cartoon. About the theme… I was listening star trek voyager where appears Captain Proton and the evil Caotica… I modeled the character with traditional polygon and box modeling techniques. Textures where painted with the 3d paint tools of Blender. I gave expresion and posed the character with the sculpt tools in Blender. Some composition in the Blender node editor and few small final touches in Gimp.


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  • Sazid Al Rashid

    Cool! Awesome work. Can you please post a tutorial about the “making of” it?

  • John

    This is not Captain Proton! (See ST Voyager)

  • DimitrisC

    Captain Proton is the man! (Well not exactly… but…)
    Sweet character!

  • JB

    How exactly do you pose a character with just Blender’s sculpt tools?

  • Drxms

    is this a sculpt or an animatable modell? 

  • Drxms

    I just saw the LeChuck modell im in love. :)

  • Chicortiz

    Nice! Looks like Invader ZIM :)

  • Dcy

    Actually, the character reminds me of Kif from Futurama.

  • Blendiac

    Jeeze guys. Between commenting about whether this is the correct character from star trek and begging for tutorials… can anyone actually give some feedback on the model / image itself? Personally I think he looks awesome, although it’s actually the textures and lighting that impress me the most. Great posing and character design, too.

  • Ryan Davis

    As feedback, this is one of the most professional images I’ve seen coming from Blender in quite some time. Excellent work! Looking forward seeing the series.

  • 8-bit

    Really impressive work – Amazing character w/ really great details. Materials are top notch. Plus, he’s just fun to look at! :) I expect him @ any moment to start looking around and shooting his ray gun :)

  • Guest

    I like the image, looks great :)  Is this set up for animation?

  • awksedgreep

    Capt Proton for Prez, long live Proton.  Just an FYI, the char was named after a loong time Lightwaver.  Sorry blender folks.  :(  I do like your character, however.  Excellent work!  If you wish to learn from Proton he still teaches at DAVE in Orlando.

  • Luis Arizaga

    Ey, Thanks everybody for the comments and feedback!
    Of course he’s not the StarTrek Voyager Captain Proton ;) As I said I gave the character this name because I was listening the tv series these days. Tom Paris is the best! It was very funny to listen him while I was working on this lil alien pinup.
    Yes, he’s an “animatable” character. But I’ve sculpted details on him also.
    I’m preparing a little “making of” so keep in touch. I will publish details about this and other characters for you.

  • Darkphoenix

    Am I the only one thinking “Earthworm Jim” when I see this image? Excellent work!

  • Kirill Poltavets

    It’s very cool! ) Reminds me the main character from “Alien Hominid” game.

  • Luis Arizaga

    Hi people! Just write to share the making of with everybody. 

    I hope you find it interesting. Thanks for reading!

  • Fred M’ule

    damn it takes two months of the current edition to arrival on my side of the pond, but I will definately buy this just for the cover captain proton rocks

  • Ryanjohnsond

    Congrats, man! :)