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PSP Modeling Timelapse

By Jimmy Widlund.


  • Zomby

    What is PSP?

    • Pazul

      Playstation Portable :-)

  • Paul Murphy

    That's so strange , i was thinking today about how i got back into blender and couldn't think what to try and model , so i started a psp and gave up after hitting a wall.

    I was literally thinking of this around an hour ago while looking at my broken old psp on my shelf :( still with the help of this video i can probobly make a real crack at modeling it ,thanks!

  • Kom

    Cool tutorial and cool music from Frozen Synapse OST

  • NekoTheCat

    Damn... I have alot to learn to become as good as this... 

  • chromemonkey

    Maybe animate it against a dark backdrop, falling and shattering to pieces.  Just don't put it in a demo reel!  (Okay, okay, that joke sailed a long time ago.  I should make this the final time.)

  • Dillbobaggins

    Wow this is great! I actually learned some modeling techniques I could use as well :D So thank you for this non suppose to be tutorial on how to make a PSP :)

  • Edrfgdf

    4:3 uggghhhhhh

  • Jay-Artist

    Nice quick time-lapse, but would have been nice to add a bit more detail, such as the holes for the buttons and maybe the rear. Well done though ;)

    • Drxms

      Dident he just add the buttons on the base?

  • Anonymous

    I think the modeling is fantastic. Very good technique. I'm just wondering why are you modeling in such a small window space, and with a timeline. I've noticed from watching these time lapse videos and in tutorials it seems to be very common for blender users to work in a smaller window area and with windows active that don't need to be like the time line, or the outliner..although that can be very useful.  I tend to hide a lot of that till I need it so i can get a nice big screen.  Is that just me?

    • Anonymous

      I think it's just force of habit to work with the default workspace.

      Using CTRL+UP helps to maximize your window when required :)

      • Isaacrowe Junk

         Yeah i think your right about it being a habit. I use ctrl up a lot. I also have various screen layout presets.

  • Zander Nicolic

    Sound modeling technique. My compliments. This is the layout I too use, only with narrower proprerty tabs.

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