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CG Society 2011 Retrospective: Blender in 4th place!

Blender 2.61 has ranked 4th in the CG Society 2011 retrospective.

CG Society writes:

It is amazingly great to see the Open Source apps bringing in such impressive figures for popularity over the past year. This can mean two things are happening. There are more artists taking advantage of cheaper (free) software, and that software is kicking some goals in quality. Delivering more of what the better artists require to do their work, and play. Otherwise, there’d be all kinds of bad press.

The Blender Foundation have consistently pushed out shorts to display the talent of the artists using it, but also, in creating this free entertainment creation software, has paved the way for more talent to enter the industry. And that cannot be a bad thing.



  • Paul Murphy

    GREAT! this is really cool :)

  • Anonymous

    Awesome! :D

    A bit suspicious that no Autodesk product shows up in the ranking, tho ... Has there been some incident with cgsociety?

    • Krissnelietis

      well, you could say that some of the movies could be a marvel made with autodesk software, but i am not sure on what software they use, so i can be wrong..Still Blender placed #4, thats great!

    • IamInnocent

      Blender ranks well so there must be a conspiracy. :D :D :D

      • Anonymous

        Nah, I was just saying. :)

    • Anonymous

      The thread reads: "
      As the process of compiling and voting was public, there was and is no conspiracy or bias from the CGSociety towards any items listed in this year's Top 20. "

      It seem that it's more of a popularity vote from users and viewers. If increasing number of your present and potential customers feel threatened or enslaved, your future cannot be bright. I have great respect for Autodesk for its contribution to the industry but I think they have valid reason to take this result very seriously.

  • Eonmachrealm

    Rango is visually impressive, but I never though it could be at first place, somehow never got myself  to really love it or even like it.. mehh
    a matter of taste I guess...

    • Eonmachrealm

      sorry!!! Blender at 4th yay!!!

  • Manuel L.

    Really awesome :D
    Getting more and more attention.

  • Michal Vašut

    It's strange that they used the image, which is not created in Blender ;-)

    • Benjamin Lindquist

      Yeah I found that as a weird choice too. Doesn't really showcase blender in any way.

  • DolphinDream

    Yeahhhh!!! Dodge that, ILM! ;) Blender's on the fast lane, baby!

  • CGEffex

    At first I was like '4th place, whaaaat?' but when I saw the list, it was pretty impressive to see blender ranking so high among so many other commercial applications and productions. Go Blender!!!

  • pixnlove

    But how about Daz Studio used to make the amazing Rosa?
    Rango number 1!!!!
    How do you want me to take you seriously guys!!

  • pixnlove

    and where is Unity3D is all this mess?
    this is reeeaaally a big fat joke.

  • filip

    Tintin beats blender.

  • Rnsierra

    Blender will be taken seriously when an artist or in house studio start produce CG I series.

    • Meche_dmoney

      thats a good idea

  • djiby sadio

    Blender is going to be the most used software very soon

  • Jesus Balbastro

    It took long enough. too many disregarded for being free. jus cuz its free doesn't make it malware or "cheap" ///its very Great quality

  • redcap

    It is cool that Blender is getting some attention but I don't quite get this list. There are tools being ranks along with finished products. That is like comparing apples, apple juice, apple pie, and applesauce. Then placing apple sauce ahead of apples as the most important food... weird, but whatever. Good job Blender. 

  • DemetriusHarris

    BLENDER should Be number One

  • Meche_dmoney

    Wait till blender 10.0 update i bet it get number one then lol they just dont know how fast blender is growing.

  • Janet

    It's true that Blender is free (it respects a user's freedoms), but it certainly isn't cheap. A lot of valuable, hard work went into it, including your excellent work of providing us with an online gathering place, Bart!

    • Bart Veldhuizen


  • Stan

    Go Blender go!

  • Grafixsuz2

    Yes, this is really good to see. Ton should be proud. 1. starting this FOSS project. 2. having the incredibly talented programmers whether contribution be large or small, who are so generous with their gifts is just amazing. 3. a strong community who supports itself. 4. no boundaries to worry about. Many who could not imagine entering this medium due to the high costs are now some of the best producers of quality work thanks to Blender.

     But once in a position where people take note it becomes ever increasingly important to keep the high level up. Thanks BF and Blendernation for this great news.

  • Drxms

    Good news.

  • Kirill Poltavets

    Blender is going up and up! I'm very happy because all it's happening :)
    Dunno why (mb CG Society isn't the whole CG world?) but new Houdini's 12 beta is at so low place... I saw their features' trailer - very promising and really cool! I wish we (Blender and it's community) will get the same (in Blender's way of course!) or better.
    ILM's Rango is the BRILLIANT movie!!! By many points :) Did you noticed Star Wars' shadow there (in Rango) BTW? ;)

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