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Advanced Array Modifier

Fabio Russo writes:

I wanted to point out with this video: a new feature for Advanded Array Modifier. I finally managed to implement the local rotation for copies.

Fabio continues:

AMA (Advanced Modifier Array) is an update of the modifier Array of Blender. It performs the same operations of the modifier Array, but with some features extra. You can change the location, rotation, scaling, material between Array objects.

In addition there are advanced techniques of cloning, how to tie a group of objects to a clone, or the ray.

The part of Objects Cap has been improved, now you can even add a Mid Cap and this can be distributed in various ways.

The following features have been implemented a few days ago:

Builds are uploaded to GraphicAll!

See you soon with new features;-)

Best regards,

Fabio Russo


  • Jim

    Outstanding!  Well done!

  • TheNiceGuy


  • T.E. Mencer

    That's ... actually pretty stinkin' cool. At first I was all "yaawwwwnnnn boring .." and then you get to the more actually advanced stuff and I went *POP!* "Hey this is really slick!"

    Yes, I have sound effects in my head. Goes well with the voices.

    • Benjamin Lindquist

      It's probably quite hard to show off all the coding work in a video without voiceover, I pretty much agree though...
      Your comment was amusing either way. :D

      • T.E. Mencer

        I think my comment was a product of two things:

        1) Too much coffee2) Too much sugar

        I'm sure other elements are at play, but I'll blame those two specifically.

  • Jiggles100


  • Somebody

    I'd sure like to see this in trunk.

  • MalPraktis

    This is just what I have been waiting for.  This will definitely speed up some of my projects.  Put this in the TRUNK!!!

  • LoganRi

    Great, this is awesome. I really dig the new cloning options.

  • Steve Alvis

    While you are tinkering with the array modifier code, is it easy to modify the color of the objects in an array in even increments (say by hsv or rgb) as defined by an offset or something of the like?  It would be kinda neat to be able to do this without making 100 different materials by hand.  

    • Nicholas Rishel

      Sounds like a job for Python scripting.

  • Johny

    Fabio, i was very impressed with an earlier version but personally i really wanted to be able to have local rotation for copies and now you've perfected it with that.
    Amazing work.. this should be in trunk.
    Hoping for an OS X version on Graphical....sniff sniff.

    Until then... is it possible to have this as an addon? or patch the core files yourself?

  • Meloware

    The 64 bit Windows build on at rev. 43124 doesn't run, for me. libgomp-1.dll and possibly other libraries are missing. I was able to run the 32 bit version okay.

  • Eonmachrealm

    This is the kind of things that should be done IMHO, extending and perfecting the available tools!!!
    nice, nice, nice
    Trunk trunk trunk!!!!

  • Drxms

    A very usefull modifier. 

  • DimitrisC

    Can anyone please tell me why we can't apply the same array modifier on more than one objects? Let's say I got a street light (two objects, the mesh and the actual light/spot) and I want to clone them along a road. It should be fairly easy, you make the light a child of the mesh and use an array modifier on the father (mesh). Boom! Cloned street lamps! Set the amount,distance and you're ready! I can't even use array mod. on lights. You can create instances and clones of object groups (groups that may carry lights, another array, extruded splines, meshes, text etc) in C4D since 2007-8. I'll agree with Eonmachrealm, perfecting the existing tools should be a priority.
    The example is pretty nice and it's a step to the right direction btw.

    • surt

      Because a modifier is for modifying (a mesh). You want to instance, so use instancing.

  • Kirill Poltavets

    Fabio makes simple but pretty useful tool! MidCap is great feature for creation of modern buildings. With current standard Array Modifier you need to check different meshes to fit everything exactly and make different complex combinations. I see that AMA is capable to solve these headaches.
    Randomization features are really great too! Also it will save a lot of memory if will be implemented with the support of Instances code (as an option probably). I'm not sure it's possible but I crave for this! Current Particle System code is really unintuitive in cases of "instance modelling" and deals (usually) with normals so you need to perform some tricks if you want simply to create that wall of bricks without a serious memory waste.
    I hope that further AMA will be improved even more! Now it must be completed and will be send in Trunk at least as an alternative to the standard Array.

  • Olaf

    Excellent! Is this in SVN already?

  • Danni Coy

    That's pretty awesome - what would make it even more awesome is if you could apply the modifier to a group and have it use one random object from that group in each iteration of the array that way you could for instance model a bunch of similar size but different looking planks and use the array to form a walkway where the planks all look sufficiently different (does that make sense?) 

  • Mike

    I'd love to see it in trunk its wonderful piece of work! Also if you could add a scale factor as well ass the other (rotation, location) would be handy. For example to create arrays with objects that vary in size ... like an array of books sitting on a shelf, or bottes sitting in a row .. as its very painful to create that with particles at the moment.

  • Greg Zaal

    Is this still being developed? It's awesome as it is even now! Trunk!!

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