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'Eat Sheep' iOS Game Project

The Blender Cookie crew is doing an in-house iOS game project.

Wes Burke writes:

Eat Sheep is CG Cookie’s first internal project to create an iOS game with Blender and Unity.The iOS game has been in production for about 4-5 months at various levels, most of the artists working on the project have full-time jobs outside of CG Cookie.

Being an education company, we are and will be documenting the processes we are taking to create the game. This will inturn be turned into tutorials, downloadable assets and documentation on our pipeline and lessons learned throughout!



  • Aberration

    Why Ô why, has it to be iOS only?! The less opensourcy system out-there....

    • Zander Nicolic

      Sadly, the most diffuse mobile os out there, too.

      • Sparazza

        Sadly this "the most diffuse mobile os out there, too."
        caused this "Why Ô why, has it to be iOS only?! The less opensourcy system out-there...."

    • Guest

      We should appreciate every new game made with Blender. And isn't it the right of the author to decide on which platform he will publish the game? The only important thing for me is, ift it is a good game or not and if it is good for the reputation of Blender or not. And it looks like a well-made game, but I have not tried it out by myself.
      Which platform, open-source or not, is a boring question, like the one about protestantism or catholicism.

    • Jozsef Trencsenyi

      Don't worry. It's a Unity3D based game so they can make a Windows, Mac, PS3, XBox360, Wii, iOS, Android or Flash version easily. ;)

      • Ron333

        How much do you need to pay to Unity3D to get the licenses for the software to do the exports to all those platforms?   Much more than most indies can afford!  I vote for Blender Cookie to do a Blender Game version of their project.

        • Caio Oliveira

          actually, that feature is free

  • Marti

    I can't understand those guys...they are from another galaxy. How they can be so brilliants and workers?

    Another time...thank you CGCOOKIE!!

  • Mrunion

    Well, all this looks great and I am elated for you guys. But since I use Linux, no iOS or Unity development for me!

  • Paul Murphy

    Looks like a lot of fun! can't wait

  • sunk

    Aberration, If you had read the more about the game you would've seen that the game itself is open-source.  They will be releasing tutorials and content from the game to the community.  The game is being developed by a small group of people that work full-time jobs so expecting it to be released to all platforms is kind of silly.

  • Alex Delderfield (ADEdge)

    Cool project by the looks, I look forward to seeing the documentation/tutorials that come from this :)

  • Digobh

    Looks great! Congratulations guys! Very good design.

  • Art4med

    Please keep it up-- especially how you integrated B & U..... unless all you did was to put .blends into Unity and depend on the .FBX exporter. I am assuming that all logic has to be re-entered or ported to Unity, save character built-intoFBX behavior?

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