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  • Winslow Mohr

    So amazing! Great work! I've always wondered how people make the clothing.. 

  • Blenderer

    @Winslow : There are several techniques to make clothing, the most obvious one is to Extract/duplicate faces of the base body of the model(if you made a body), scale them and then solidify/extrude them to give them volume, from then on you can tweak the clothing while being sure they fit on the character.

    You can of course create clothing to start with but I think having a base naked body mesh to build it from ensure that it makes sense and anatomically correct for high quality tight-fitting like clothes.

    @Paulo: looks good, are you going to rig it?

    • Michael120

      What about if you wanted cloth-collision?

      • Blenderer

        Cloth simulation...I know self-collision is still problematic in blender but not for long I hear, Simple collisions with a body mesh though are no problem and I believe a good tutorial was published on the matter of late, so really it depends on what type of collision you are looking for (Many times you don't need cloth to self collide so its no issue).

        NCloth in Maya by comparison does have self-collision but you need a fairly high resolution topology and it is far less intuitive on the learning curve so takes much experimentation to get it to work correctly with Maya's tendency to keep some features hidden from the user(Like giving you a slider that goes from 0 to 1 by default and you need to be lucky enough to guess that you need to override it with an input value of 1000 for it to actually work) , For The rest it rely on costly plugins to try and make stuff easier. I and other people I know ended up avoiding using it or using soft-bodies...So Id still take Blender's cloth simulation, lacking as it may be.

  • Becky

    It looks like Lemmy from Motörhead :D

  • Paulo Ricardo S. Ribeiro

    Winslow Mohr, thanks man!

    Blenderer, thanks! Yes, I'm going to rig and make it a little animation.

    Michael120, 'll do some tests, maybe I'll use cloth-collision =]

    Becky, Hehe, it seems =D

  • Winslow Mohr

    Paulo, I want like 1 hour just to ask you questions lol. XD I checked out your other work. Amazing. 

  • Milad Thaha

    @14b5c0f3687f22eaaed6809a72013405:disqus Wow great, didn't know about some of the stuff you mentioned earlier.
    @7639bddd0f6e4b72db3ec6627686fa30:disqus Great model there- the design is slick and sexy- dont-mess-with-me kinda thing- Love it! And like @twitter-422356344:disqus said, you probably would help us lesser mortals much, especially if you were featured on the Blender Podcast! :D

  • Paulo Ricardo S. Ribeiro

    Thank you guys! =]

  • Paulo Ricardo S.Ribeiro

    Thanks Arizaga!

    Yes, I used this concept as a reference.

  • Arizaga

    It's ok. It's a CC By license design. But I never changed the text in the image.
    So feel free to use it under this type of CC. There's no problem ;) 

    Merry Christmas and happy new year everybody!

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