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Voronoi Fracture and Shatter Lab Tests

An amazing set of demos of Phymec's toolkit, using Blender & Bullet Physics.

Phymec writes:

Series of simple voronoi fracture and shatter tests created using Phymec Tools.

Scenes were all setup quickly, simulated in real-time, and rendered overnight. Didn't bother much with details or texturing. Rigid body / shard count kept reasonably low for these simple tests.

These are primarily intended to be simple illustrative examples for some of the uses for voronoi fracture and shatter tools.

The only real issue I've faced creating these is that I wasn't able to reliably retrieve from BGE the correct pre- and post-collision (immediately before and after) linear and angular velocities of rigid bodies involved in collisions in order to accurately calculate the post-collision velocities.

For more information and link to my open source voronoi fracture and shatter code for Bullet Physics see my previous real-time video demonstrations for voronoi fracture and shatter tools use:

All scenes rendered using the 100% OpenCL (xPU) accelerated SmallLuxGPU v2 (PathGPU2) render engine in SLG Live! mode, typically @ 20 secs/HD frame, no delay between frames. Only de-noise in post.

Glass on ground flicker rendering issue is likely simply due to coincident surfaces; unfortunately I didn't notice until after it rendered, sorry.

All done on the same old home PC running Windows 7 64-bit on Intel i7 720 CPU and two AMD HD4890 GPUs.

Created using Open Source Software:

  • Blender 2.6 (includes Bullet Physics engine)
  • SmallLuxGPU ( SLG ) v2 OpenCL render engine
  • HACD

Hey Phymec, what are your plans for this library?


  • Andrew Price

    Seriously incredible!

    Can any developers speak on whether this will be added to trunk?

    Great work Phymec. Please keep posting more experiments. You've got the Blender community hooked ;)

  • Bart K.

    OH YEAH!

    (sorry, couldn't resist)

    Awesome video. :)

    • Alex Carby

      Hahahahahahaaaa it was obvious but a hoot nonetheless. 

  • Bubbakk

    Very impressive

  • Mookie

    I would really like to see this feature in trunk! Great work!

  • Niclas Aberg

    This is insane!

    Think of this and the real-time bullet integration that Aligorith was working on...

  • Zeauro

    Is it something that need to be accepted by bullet devs before blender devs ?
    Could this be integrated with a user friendly GUI or a manual for Mango ?

  • Zeauro

    Is it possible to directly use a 3D texture and play with mapping ? Are particles and intersection planes always required ?

  • Jibz

    Blender need this!

  • Gottfried Hofmann

    Mango!!! :)

  • Sebastian Schwank

    can you mix this with Softbodys ?

  • Max

    W.O.W  I hope the team will use something like this for Mango :)

  • Reaction

    Incredible to know what's possible!  Something seemed a bit odd about the last demo (gold ball crashing through wall).  It comes through the wall, drops to the ground, then from nowhere develops a forward rotation towards the camera?

    • kram1032

      It probably had forward momentum/angular velocity left over and didn't loose all of it during the wall scatter. Else it would have been stuck inside the wall^^

  • Karlis Stigis

    I want this sooo bad!

  • Raphael

    Hm, its impressive, no doubt, but somehow it "feels" unreal and it probably has to  do with the similar size of the bits and their evenness on the sides, in real life things dont break into bits with a totally uneven surface...

  • Bettflasche

    Does anybody know if it is possible to set materials for object in a way that the outer surface is one material and all the inside parts are another material when they break?

    • Terrachild

      I think he did that.  Look closely at the "Potato Rock" it looks like the outer skin is a different material than the interior.

  • dave62

    AWESOME work!
    Please keep up.

  • CGEffex

    Where can I get this?

    • Bart Veldhuizen

      You can't yet, it hasn't been released.

  • Mohamed Almonajed

    Now I can kiss Maya's BlastCode plugin a big GOOD BYE!!

  • Kirill Poltavets

    I've seen Phymec's development demos before and now these things looks even more impressive!
    I have no ideas why it can't be "branched"... Money or some little imperfectness? The second thing is tooooo small... I hope it's not the reason to  keep us waiting for these great features :)
    I was really amazed with that breaking wooden rod. That was the thing I had never seen before in CG at all.

  • Cgi Trainer

    +1 for Kirill Poltavets (and all the supporters of this finding its way to a branch of course!!!) :-)   AWESOME...  

  • Thomas

    |Mind Blown|

  • Pyroevil

    Really amazing!
    Anothers tool to get in the trunk of blender to be in the race with commerial giant!

    Another video of blender I show to my XSI Softimage collegues that impress everyone !
    The only things I can tell is I don't like voronoid convex and equal shape , it's ok to shatter things like
    concrement but not suitable for everything. But the wood effect in the video is great !

    really impressive and good work. Hope we can test it soon !

  • Jason DefCon Ebeling

    This is something I would want to donate to, I hope we get some sort of ETA on it's development
    Soooooo keen to play with this.

  • trsh

    Can this be used In game? Like DMM from Pixelux?

  • selecta trafaret

    Now we can say goodbye to any other 3D-soft :)
    Blender rocks!

  • cbnewham

    I don't wish to sound like I am criticising this as it has obviously had a great deal of time invested in it and the results are quite good, but, apart from one or two examples, most seem rather unreal and rather samey (seen one, seen 'em all). For example, the horse falls and the leg disintergrates into the bench top. That isn't right. The leg would have snapped and remained intact. There is also an issue with the pieces all being of similar size and the size having no relationship to the original structure.

    The best were the glass shatter and wood splinter effects.


    "The best were the glass shatter and wood splinter effects." I agree ! These two examples are actually the more realistic. This said, the whole video is very impressive !

  • HumanBlade

    there is definitely some fakey feel in there but the glass and the wood was particularly done well. he also mentioned in the submission that he wasn't exactly wasting time tweaking stuff. then again the dev would know the best way around his unreleased soft, so YMMV on release.

    i had to laugh at his comment that it was all rendered 'All done on the same old home PC running Windows 7 64-bit on Intel i7 720 CPU and two AMD HD4890 GPUs.' 

    have to feel bad for a guy running everything on an i7 and 2 GPUs not to mention a top of the line renderer that actually takes advantage of his GPUs. :)

    as to the fakeness, again... i think this gives surprising results. a lil DOF, levels adjust, random fragment resolution+sizing and it could be good for those shots that have effects but aren't 'effects shots'. not good enough for materials studies but, meh.....

  • Anonymous

    YES...YES...YES !!!!!!

  • Alexandru Dobra-Some?an

    awww man, if this will be into blender i will be the happiest man in the world !!  Go MANGO!!

  • Jesus

    How can i do this?

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