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Blender Fluids in 3 minutes

Daniel Kreuter shows you the most important concepts of Blender's fluid simulator in three minutes. He recently did the same for Smoke.

Daniel writes:

When I created this Video I tried to put the most important information and as much as possible in a short and plain video. I did that by making comparisons between fluid simulations with different settings. The Tutorial Preview is an example for this. I also wrote a short text for each property to make everything even more simple. To sum it up I created a video in which I explane the function for every single setting. I hope you’ll enjoy the video.


  • trsh

    good work again !!!!!

  • Kram1032

    It's a really nice tutorial :)
    Will you do something similar with SPH fluid?

  • Alexander Kasper

    Very well done!

  • Christian Lehmann

    I like your tutorials. The smoke tutorial was awesome too. This one would be even better if you'd show the example result videos a little longer. Just don't fade that early. "Blender fluids in 4 Minutes" does not sound that bad, does it :)

    • Paulo Bardes

      The problem, as he said in the youtube comments, is that it took around 1-2 hours to bake (per example) so it would take too long to bake more than 3 seconds... Still it would be cool to see more.

      • Christian Lehmann

        I've just finished reading the youtube comments. Just like stated there it could be an option to just loop the available footage a couple of times or show them with different speeds (first 100%, then 50%, then again 100%). Thanks for your hint to read the youtube entries.

        • Paulo Bardes

          Indeed that's a good idea. I replayed the examples several times... It would be good to see it, than see again slower and than see again :)

  • Kinshuk

    Very useful stuff, thanks a lot!

  • Endre Barath

    Ok, but why no examples of professional use of fluids, smokes...?
    Fluid in a cube, smoke in a cube?
    Blender cant make only this?

    • Bart Veldhuizen

      I'd say because that's not the point of this video? He's just illustrating the effects of different settings - in a very clear way.

    • MrPingouin

      It's not the point with that type of videos.
      It's here to demonstrate the effects of changing one value at a time. It's useful for those who start dealing with that kind of work, I mean simulation work, where there's a lot of parameters to tweak.
      You have that kind of videos for a lot of pro packages : FumeFx, Vray Phoenix, Houdini...

      I think you might be looking for a showreel instead.

  • Tobias Schneider

    Blender should show this informations as tooltips. Nice work! Thanks guys!

  • Aditia A. Pratama

    wow...just when I need it...blender community really can read my mind :)

  • MoXX

    I find this very infomative. Tx for the effort.

  • Max Puliero

    good job!

    waiting for one on SPH fluids :)

  • Axel Roijers

    sph is much faster and has more possibilities
    but it is useless since we can't render it as a fluid

  • Nowherebrain

    Amazing presentation, very well done.

  • johan tri handoyo

    a clever tutorial concept ^___^ i like it

  • 8-bit

    Nice work, yet again Daniel!  As already mentioned above, my only recommendation is a longer video of each example. Regardless, this is a very useful way to to get a better understanding of settings. Excellent concept. Thanks for making these videos! I'm sure many people will find these extremely helpful. Also, nice song selection.

  • Xone

    This is exactly what i need. It's coming at the right time, i was about to tests those by myself. Thank you very much. You are time saver ; D

  • StrayDogFox

    I love both this video and the smoke one. Its exactly what the simulations need, a brief concise description of what each setting actually does, with a quick recommendation of where a good baseline for those settings is. Keep up the great work!
    As mentioned by some others, on this one, seeing the example videos for just a tad longer would be nice, but otherwise the quickness of the video is a major strength.

  • Bela Mihalik

    Useful informations in intuitive way. With animations this video gives a "feeling" about the parameters... and what is the title of this music, it is also good :-)

  • MacroManJr

    This guy's style of tutorial is money!

  • Chlorophyll


  • Sandro

    Please, you can make video tutorials for the simulations to boot using basic, then intermediate and advanced, for fluids, smoke, etc ...

  • Andreu

    Excellent tutorial! A bit fast at times, and it needs some text editing, but it's very professional-looking.

  • Jurisgraphix

    These things are frikking great.  I took screen shots and have them safely stored away. 

  • Anonymous

    Dead helpful.

  • Marc J. Driftmeyer

    Great demos. Unfortunately, the grammar and spelling police forgot to stop by in your descriptions. Incorrect use of to or too, the lack of apostrophes for contractions, etc.

  • Triskelion

    great work again, what are you going to explain next??  Ocean Sim perhaps?

  • Triskelion

    Daniel mentioned in his you tube comments that he needed more rendering power, are there any friends of the blender institute that could offer some network rendering time to him? I think Daniel is doing great work. 

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