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Ultimate Stuntman

Rag doll physics galore! By Rogper (remember his video 'Orion Tear'?)

Terry Wallwork writes:

We don't get nearly enough good example of what the Blender Game Engine physics features can do with models and rag doll, so here is a pretty awesome example. #b3d Ultimate Stuntman!


  • Terrachild

    Awesome camera work!

    • Paul Murphy

      Agreed , i was trying to pay attention to what was happening and kept just thinking of how professional the camera's looked

    • Anonymous


  • Colezero

    *sigh* can't see it here in germany due gema conflicts.

    • Bart Veldhuizen

      Sheesh, that sucks :-(

    • Rogério Perdiz

      Hey! Yeah, sorry for that! You can see it on Vimeo:

      • Bart Veldhuizen

        I've replaced the video, thanks!

  • Chaos

    Very bad camera to take the shots! But, dynamics OK. BTW, we already know the BGE capabilities in our day by day.

  • Reaction

    This makes an excellent instructional safety video for construction workers and warehouse operatives everywhere :-)  Just need to add a list of injuries caused by each fall! 

  • James Waples

    This was actually very fun to watch. The BGE is amazing, and you've shown that very well. I particularly liked the two ragdolls throwing themselves at each other; very entertaining :P

    It reminds me of Flatout 2, if anyone's ever played that.

    • rav

      Exactly what I was thinking. Great game by the way.

  • MoXX

    And now we combine this with the camera tracker....

  • Rogério Perdiz

    What injuries!? XD He never gets hurt... too serious at least :P
    Thanks for the comments and for the featuring here!

  • DimitrisC

    A couple of rag dolls were injured during the production of this video.
    Great stuff!

  • Campbell123456

    What were the boats doing so high up!! An accident was bound to happen.

  • ???????? ??????????


  • Michael120

    @1:53 the ragdoll gets sea-sick and throws up over the side of the boat XP

    Nice job! I like :D

    • Michael120

      Err, that didn't post right. It's at 1:53 >.<

  • Rogério Perdiz

    Thanks everyone!
    One thing I've noted is that, despite some sea-sickness, boats are actually very safe even when blown up to the skies :P
    A couple of rag dolls and a seagull (the cameraman)... but we had to edit that out XD

  • Blendiac

    This is all going to end in tears. I just know it...

  • Alan Perry

    Somebody call 911!!! Good stuff, it's still great seeing some of the older features of Blender when done as nicely as this. 

  • Zxride64

    This was some awesome stuff.

  • teldredge

    Very cool video. The overall environment looked very well detailed and the collisions setups must have been very meticulous because they very tight, all the poles and even the boards inside the boat and all, well done. Nice dramatic music too. Do more of these please! 
    PS - Ragdolls actually love to be mangled like this- they consider it a form of affection and feel very lonely when no one takes time to abuse them ;)

  • Rogério Perdiz

    Hey, thanks for the nice comments!
    This one probably will be the last one :P because I don't see how to top it and is the max my current hardware can handle.
    Ho! Here we call the 112 XD

  • Japrogramer

    camera animation tutorial :) please 

  • Jurel

    Is there an easy way to apply ragdoll to a blender Armature?

    And when will we see something like Endorphin/Euphoria aplied to Blender Armatures? :D

  • Rogério Perdiz

    :) Camera animation is all about being true to one self...
    There is no easy way to apply armatures to rag dolls, at the moment, but it can be done. Endorphin besides armatures uses some kind of artificial intelligence.

  • Jurel

    Do you remember Lugaru/Overgrowth? There they did something much simpler than euphoria, to prevent the ragdoll to look so dead, and it really worked pretty well =)

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