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  • Alexander Kasper

    Wow, amazing!

  • Rahmat2395
  • Pyroevil

    wow , great model !
    Curious to  see the same result sculpt in Blender instead of Zbrush.

  • Anonymous

    Great! Another top-notch generic model. ^^

  • Pyroevil

    It's normal ( I suppose is not ) then when I try to render it as-is in Blender 2.61-rc1 , it's give me a black skull without displacement on a white background ? I notice some nodes is unplugged in the shader but when I replug it , nothing new happen.

    • Rory Michael O'Sullivan

      I've heard there are issues with the release candidate, you may want to go back to 2.60

  • Jools

    Pyroevil > try to unpack to files before rendering.

  • Pyroevil

    Okay , thank Jools. I already try it and it's work .... and not work at the same time. I need to unpack,recreate all Texture node, plug "unpluged node" the way I think it's supposed to be and reduce lights intensity by the half of the original value. With that the result is more like on the image above. It's weird. It's happen only to me or somebody try it to with 2.61 rc1 ( I download it again 15minutes ago to make sure) ?

  • Anonymous

    Gorgeous! For a skull...

  • Anonymous

    Hi guys thanks for all the great comments! Just wanted to let everyone know that when I setup this scene I was using an older version of cycles so some things wont work properly in newer versions (normal maps for example). I'm currently working on updating the blend so that everything is compatible with the latest version of cycles (2.61rc1) and will upload an updated blend as soon as I can. I'm also working on creating a scene for render with blender internal and will upload that as a separate blend as well. Thanks again for all the great feedback!

  • jeff radcliffe

    I would love to get one of these skulls. I looks great. How do I get one? Thanks