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Conference in video : How to crash a small SpaceShip with Blender

Francois Grassard shares a workshop he gave in Toulouse. The video is in French.

Francois "CoyHot" Grassard writes:

Last week-end I travelled to Toulouse (in France), to make a workshop about crashing a small spaceship on the ground. The original model can be downloaded on BlenderSwap.

The recording is not a professionnal one, but I think it can be interesting for some people. Thanks to Toulibre (a wonderfull French association who promote FLOSS) who have organized this workshop !

Hope you like it !

Part 01

Part 02

Part 03

Part 04

Part 05


  • Michael120

    Bother. Wish it was english D:

    Looks cool for all you french speaking peoples though. ;)

    • AlekB

      I am guessing that a lot of the steps will be understandable just from seeing it :) That is my hope anyway.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah... I find it kinda weird that a french video series was posted on an english speaking web site... but I am sure someone will find it useful...

  • e5dy

    It wasn't initially done to be posted on english speaking web site, sorry. Dj3dim made those videos and posted them on a slow bandwidths server so I've upload them to youtube for easy access, then CoyHot posted his blend on blenderswap and linked the videos.
    Now, if the community make a BIG work, we (the community) can do the subtitles.

    • Kirill Poltavets

      Hi e5dy! Thanks for videos!
      I'm not clear about 1st PSystem of the space ship though... Is it starts at the moment of the ground's contact? How it gets the directions for big pieces?

      • e5dy

        There is only one PSystem and yes it starts at the impact.
        The pieces of the starship are generate by the modifier explode.

        • Kirill Poltavets

          I thought there is some direction of the explosion... because the ship has it's own speed.

  • Comeinandburn

    even though I'm not a french speaker it was interesting to follow along with what Coyhot was doing.. I found some real hidden Gems in it that I haven't seen posted in any english tutorials.

    thanks for posting it

  • NickSalvi

    Can someone please translate it ? it looks interesting. Just that i'm not able to make out what they are saying when they keep tumbling the view.

  • Jalik

    Merci François, j'aime beaucoup tes présentations sur Blender, très interressantes et toujours pleines d'humour, c'est vraiment sympa de partager ton savoir avec nous, surtout que tu t'y connais bien !

  • Casper Smits

    Could that be covered in a 2 hour English Bblendercookie tutorial? I'd buy it!!

  • Anonymous

    Where is the finished result in the video? Thanks.

    • e5dy

      I've asked CoyHot for it, if he is not to busy, you'll get it soon
      otherwise, I make it and upload it this week-end ;)

      • e5dy

        on re-reading your question, I'm not sure to have understood, I spoke  about the result .blend

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