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  • DimitrisC

    Though it had a few flaws (hard edges, noise, grass issues etc) the overall feel and atmosphere was pretty great. Loved it!
    Congratulations Andrius!

  • Greg Zaal

    Technicalities could be improved, but this is a real nice work of art :) loved it

  • Anonamo

    100% amazing.

  • The Techno Alien

    Very nice music.

    Very nice concept.
    Work in the animation.

  • Jedismindtrick

    Nice work Love it..... =)

  • Reaction

    This must have taken ages!  Great style throughout, but the vignette is too hard.

  • Algirdas ITech

    Great work Andrius. Great atmosphere and deep idea. Thank you very much.

  • Mehmet ER?BOL

    Clint Mansel of course.

  • Tx-Rx

    Thanks for posting this Bart, nice piece and appreciate the slight rough technical edges from time to time but it conveys itself with such impact and weight I absolutely love it.

    • TxRxFx

      Oh and I'm in agreement on the vignette on the lighter backdrop shots. Could have softened that up a little. :D

  • Paul

    Great new angle on an old story. The artistic interpretation is superb.

  • Voranc

    Bravo. I,m very proud to be a member of blender comunity. So many good works and this one in one of them. The technical stuff, I beleve that you will inprove with time. No doubt

  • pixnlove

    The overall rendering is superbe but I am not sure about the design of the character and their animation, could have done a little more work on that.
    Very good piece of work.

  • 8-bit

    Thanks for sharing your hard work! It's a vey nice piece. Looking forward to seeing more as you get even better @ your craft. Very well done! I liked the softness and colours. Music selection was great too btw :-)

  • urspx

    Very The Fountain-esque (seems the music is from there, too)

  • xsinick

    Looks like Tool video

    • Lucas Bezerra

      Totally agree

  • Hawk

    I can't enjoy the religious concept, but the visual and musical work is nice.

    • Lawrence D’Oliveiro

      Truth is what’s true whether you believe in it or not.

      • Hawk

        Truth is only ever what one believes to be true. This includes you.

  • Tomas Barauskas

    Very good!
    Visapusiškai geras darbas, malačius, Andriau, esi.

  • Bj

    This is one of the ugliest shit I've ever seen. It's not because it's made with Blender that I'm forced to say "amazing" .... Seriously ... 

    • Benjamin Lindquist

      If you don't have anything constructive to say then why don't you keep your stupid comments to yourself. Giving some constructive criticism would at least help him out.

  • Dave


  • Dane Custance

    Fantastic, the conpetualism and use of archetypal symbology give real quality to this fantastic artistic effort. I really love this.