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  • cbnewham

    Will these be public or private hangings?

    (I think you missed the word "out" after "hang"! Oops)

    • Bart Veldhuizen

      Haha, I assume so ;-)

    • chromemonkey

      Well, they did say the "late" Tony Mullen... hmm.

  • Anonymous

    Pending my work schedule I will be there--With laptop/4g card/webCam for G+ Hangout. Will try to capture the speakers and projection screen. [Lee Posey]

  • ByronK

    Have a great time guys! Wish I could be there.

  • Bob

    I live near Seattle but what exactly is this for (besides Blender)?

  • Edenfuk

    hello Seattle Blender users. Reno, NV. user here.

  • Not_Me

    Blender Gangsta signs.
    ♪♫ "Dam I use Blendah cuz I'm so gangsta-"

  • Nathan Gill

    Did Tony die?.... or did he just show up late?

  • DMRadford

    Man I wish I could have been there this last one. I've been so busy with both jobs its been insane. Hopefully I'll be a regular again after the holidays pass.