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Blender Conference 2011 Videos Online

Videos of the Blender Conference 2011 are being uploaded now! Enjoy :)


  • Tweakingknobs

    Yippiue ! :)

  • ichigo

    thanks a lot , keep it up 
    best reagrds.

  • Geordi Dosher

    Yay!! Finally!!!  I can't wait to dig through them!!!


  • Karlis Stigis

    At last!

  • Ibkanat

    thanks.... I assume there is more on there way?

    • Bart Veldhuizen

      Yes, I believe so.

    • Wyslij

      Hope after mango BF will work to improve features that we already have.
      Example  - normal map baking. It will be great to have seamless hard surface
      tangent normal map baking, with cage.

  • stevecameron

    Somebody shoot the camera operator.... and please edit the video before posting. rant over


    I have been waiting for this , IT is golden , thank you for sharing .

  • Vincentweb984

    others videos here:"blender+conference+2011"&oq="blender+conference+2011"

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