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Chain Physics in Blender

Mostafa Hassan writes:

This tutorial will cover the physics for chains but there will be some tips and tricks along the way as well.


  • Aana

    First comment! Woohoo!  This is awesome! I love Blender!

  • Morten

    This was usefull for me. Tx.

  • penduin

    This is great!  I still have tons to learn...

  • nathankw

    Great little tutorial. Nice and short but I still learned lots.

  • Lactose

    Thanks a lot.

  • Reaction

    A good, quick, educational tutorial. A specific application is being described, but includes lots of useful general information too.

  • Arnaud

    I guess it's all a matter of taste... - I liked the zoom in and out - that's how I would work.  Good tut - thanks a lot.

  •Álvaro-Perdigão/100000504048920 Álvaro Perdigão

    Simple, Fast and Direct! Great, very, very useful!

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