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Mineblend - Minecraft importer for Blender

Model in Minecraft, render with Blender ;-)

Adam Crossan writes:

With this addon, Minecraft saves can be loaded straight into Blender 2.6. I made this to address the popular trend in the Minecraft community where many people are exporting save data to render out in VRay, Octane, etc with limited surface data. I've now tried Mineblend exports with Cycles and found it was pretty awesome by default.

I hope somebody finds this useful.




  • Gertjan Van Den Broek

    Well this would be perfect for someone that wants to make an animation about minecraft in blender. it's a real pain to create a blocky world with the correct textures everywhere in blender. So yes, this addon is going to be very usefull for people.
    Not many, but they will be very happy.

    • Nicholas Rishel

      With arrays, duplicated objects, and object snaps; I don't imagine it would be too hard. But there is definitely appeal to this addon.

  • Andrew

    For some reason I cannot get the addon enabled in the user preferences.  Using both the official build and the latest from graphicall results in the same problem...

    The addon is greyed out and will not enable.  I am using 2.60.05 r 42200 and 2.60.0 r41226

    • Anonymous

      Andrew, oh no, I'd so hoped not to have any problems! If possible I'd like to address all issues in one place - so if you are on Blenderartists could you post into the thread (linked above), with what OS you are on, and if possible paste in the last few lines of the error console.
      (After you click the tick to enable the add-on (and nothing happens), go to Help > Toggle System Console - which should show some python debugging stuff. That will let me pin down what went wrong for you.)

  • Wat

    does it work with minetest saves?

    • Anonymous

      Nope, sorry. It's completely specific to Minecraft's McRegion format, and I'm continuing to update it with Minecraft's new block definitions. I understand that Minetest has practically unlimited vertical scope, which sounds interesting, but that's just one more thing that's radically different between the two. Thanks for the reference, I hadn't heard of Minetest before ;)

  • Manderius

    When I open any world, theres only one brick (without texture) in the 3d  I can load my world?

    • Manderius

      Oh i foung d my world but is it normal that all (redstone torch,repeater, tall grass, door...) is brick? textures are broken and bad on these things

  • Max

    I am using this in Blender 2.62, and when I load my world it comes up with a gray box and a spherical thing around it. The spherical object says it's my world, named HackMore. But I don't see how. The gray box is called BedrockBlock. Inside HackMore is a PlayerLoc object.

  • Dr Shnig

    I have a problem --- when I used this add-on, and rendered it, the trees had a green-ladder texture, or fire had a john-smith-legacy resourcepack texture for the chain boots. Plus: can you make this work for blender render? Because I use that for animations

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