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Blender Smoke Simulation Introduction

Daniel Kreuter writes:

When I created this Video I tried to put the most important information and as much as possible in a short and plain video. I did that by making comparisons between smoke simulations with different settings. The Tutorial Preview is an example for this. I also wrote a short text for each property to make everything even more simple. To sum it up I created a video in which I explane the function for every single setting. I hope you'll enjoy the video.


  • Liv

    Educative. Thanks !

  • Aberration

    Very nice video! Well done, clear, and beautiful (nice layout)

  • Triskelion

    That is fantastic! It should be the standard format for showing off new features. Easy to understand, Simply and beautifully formatted and most of all Impressive. Great.  You have saved so many people hours and hours of random experimentation.

  • Rigs

    Very nice!

    This cloud be a good detailed example of all of the different option for every modifier. I know that means a lot of work to do.

  • Itqan Ullah

    Superb!! this is how I want tuts to be :)

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for that, very interesting.

  • Cgi Trainer

    Excellent tutorial my friend!Thank you for sharing!...:-)

  • Christian Lehmann

    Great, thanks. Very nice format to show new features and to show what to expect.

  • Kirill Poltavets

    It's a small bunch of very good tips. And I like it for simplicity!
    We have some good tuts already.

  • 3Dmaker

    I'm sorry but why on earth is density and resolution affecting the speed on the simulation? From a users perspective this makes no sense at all.

    • Daniel Kreuter

      The Resolution scales the size of the Simulation.. so when the Simulation has a higher resolution, it appears smaller and is slower... If the resolution is smaller it looks bigger and is faster (it just appears to be the speed and its actualy just the scale)

      And about the density...
      I don't realy know... maybe it effects the ammount of heat^^

      • 3Dmaker

        Still, if the container is the same size it is not very intuitive for the end user. Normally one would make a lowres simulation, and when you are happy with the overall shape of things, you up the resolution.

        • Bart Veldhuizen

          I fully agree with that - resolution is not the same as size.

          • Daniel Kreuter

            Well... it's wat i thought what it could be...

          • David Black

            I agree, from a new Blender users perspective, the resolution should in no way effect the simulation speed, only the level of rendered detail.

    • Moth

      The reason density affected speed was because it is actually mass-per-volume density of the domain, so the less dense smoke wants to get to the top faster. It threw me for a loop, too, until I realized it was the actual physics property and not a voxel filed property; though, it is refreshing to see Archimedes' principle being applied like this.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks!!.. so simple explained ! XD

  • Guest

    Very clear. I live off teaching and can say that this is a concise, clear, brief  way to explain and transmit knowledge. I personally don't have spare time to watch lengthy tuts. Congratulations!!!  

  • Nicholas Rishel

    I contacted MrLasla about putting this in the Blender Wiki, and he seems ok with the idea. Anyone know how to insert videos to the Wiki?

  • kABHIr

    hey you know what this is really amazing way of education by giving the visuals of the settings. thats really cool. thanks for post. And also i liked the music, it sounds like indian music.

  • 8-bit

    very good video indeed. comparison videos are extremely helpful learning tools as it can makes quick sense of unusual or sometimes ambiguous naming of settings.  :-) Thanks for putting this video together. now if all the more complex features had videos like this! :-P

  • David Haymond

    Wow, that's a unique approach to a tutorial. I love it! Keep up the good work.

  • lookingup

    Very Nice video. I followed the youtube link to your fireball. You must have a super computer.
    The fire ball blend file you put on youtube is very impressive, and a PC killer. I've tried on a desktop and a laptop, I7. Both required a reboot. Maybe a small warning for us little people. Thanks for the video, maybe one day blender will be stable enough for the rest of us,

  • Max

    simple and cool

  • Barri Allen

    Very very useful. Great idea and neat realization.
    It takes a lot of time ti remember exactly the effect of tweaking any single parameter. Now we have a reminder. Thank you. :)

  • James Barnette

    Umm, I have not used this before but the I hope that it doesn't operate this way but the video gives the impression that resolution and detail make the smoke move slower. While the simulation should take longer the cached and rendered playback should be at the same speed. in this video when it comes to the resolution you can clearly see that the smoke moves faster and faster as the detail is reduced. If this is truly the case then something is wrong in the simulator itself.

  • Peter Fertig

    very useful, quick question though, where is the text you mentioned in the description?

  • Naim

    thanks budy........
    You have solved my smoke simulation problems by this tutes........
    big thanks again.

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