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  • Guest

    Hm nice, but rendered with Octane. I'm sure this could be done with Cycles as well, right ? ;-)

  • Greylica

    I tought it was Blender Internal, why not ?

  • EnV

    It could be Cycles as well, there are fireflies in the left bottom corner. :)
    In any case, very nice image and very good shaders and texturing.

  • sarubadouru

    cool work :-D

  • Animaticoide

    I remember seeing this some time ago, but I can't remember where :)

    I like this composition, the robot looks great, it almost feels like the train will never arrive :)

  • Darkymikado

    I like the infinity symbol on the arrivals board :)

  • Tedvg

    Train isn't coming, right?

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