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  • VanPhill

    Great Work! - One observation though his fingers arn't wrapped around the handle of the gun?

  • Ryanjohnsond

    That's a great looking model and a really great looking render.  Did you render in Cycles? The textures really pop it out.  Nice job.  Put a higher rez image up.

  • Graham Hall

    Neat! I could see this dude flying around the streets and canals of Amsterdam...

  • 8-bit

    really cool work. The one thing that looked a bit strange to me initially was how much his head was moved forward, but it appears this may be the look you were trying to achieve. really nice model. would love to see him zap something w/ that weapon of his! :-) thanks for sharing!

  • Paulo Ricardo S. Ribeiro

    VanPhill, Thanks! is why it is still to rigg.

    Ryanjohnsond, Thanks man! Render in Blender Internal. I'll post in greater resolution after.

    Graham Hall, hehe =)

    8-bit, Thanks for the comment and observations ;)

  • Ryanjohnsond

    Really? Internal render? Really impressive! Pro! How did you do the reflection maps? Did you use a Cubemap?

    • Not_Me

      Why are you impressed Blender Internal can do reflections? BI isn't 1970's technology.

  • Ryanjohnsond

    Paulo, could you show how you set up your lights for your turn table?  I suck at lighting in Blender.   :'(

  • Mookie

    Paulo, you are one hell of an artist! Great model and textures!

  • Nunud

    Ohlalalaaaaaa!!! This is goooood! o_O

  • Tadd Mener

    Wow this is fantastic work! I love how it's styled and everything.

  • Paulo Ricardo S. Ribeiro

    Ryanjohnsond, Thanks! I used the mirror for reflection and an HDR image to be reflected better materials.

    As for lighting, I use 3 point lighting, I used a "sun" and 2 "Hemi" forming a triangle =)

    Mookie, Nunud and Tadd Mener, thanks! ;)


  • Kirill Poltavets

    The nice concept and the model!

  • Júlio Mullet

    Caraaaaca!!! Você tá sendo famoso internacionalmente!!! Parabéns!!! Parabéns é pouco... não sei nem o que falar.

  • Paulo Ricardo S. Ribeiro

    Kirill Poltavets, thanks man!
    Júlio Mullet, vlw brother! ;)

  • Daniel Looney

    Really cool! Looks like something that belongs on Team Fortress 2

  • Bobo

    Nice ! Really nice !
    Funny style, efficient design... I love it.

  • Paulo Ricardo S. Ribeiro

    Thanks guys!

  • Marto

    great design man !

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