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3D-Coat Adds Blender Link

You can now integrate 3D-Coat with Blender with their new Applink.

3D-Coat writes:

As you know, artists and designers are always looking for solutions which give them a time and quality advantage in performing their work. Most professionals also realize that they need to incorporate several tool sets into their pipeline to produce the results they require.

We are introducing our Applink Connection Plug-Ins, including the Applink connecting Blender and 3D-Coat.

Please, check our dedicated web-page featuring the general Applink promo trailer, as well as the individual instructional videos that apply to each particular Applink.

We are certain that our new Applink Connection Plug-Ins will provide you and your community with new and winning solutions.

Do we have Farsthary to thank for this? :)



  • Tadd Mener

    Man, I've yet to use 3D Coat but it looks pretty powerful. I think it's pretty cool how a lot of software companies are starting to recognize Blender as a solution many people use professionally and are starting to make adjustments to include it. 

  • Richard Marklew

    "You can now integrate 3D-Coat with Blender with their new Applink"Is this the same applink addon that has been available in one version or another for well over a year?

  • Nicholas Rishel

    Nothing but good has come from prior/continuing Blender developers being picked up by other organizations. With how important it is for a development environment to be able to communicate with other software packages, I guess it just makes sense. :)

  • Philip Witte

    I would love 3D Coat if it was more user unfriendly. Compared to Zbrush frustrating. Compared to Sculptris is impossible. It's technology is great though (AUTOPO is genius), i just wish they'd fix up the brushes and interface a bit. Maybe it's just me, i haven't spent a whole lot of time in it... but that's the point. It's very frustrating.

  • Antonvdh

    looks good for texturing to me and it is available for linux.

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