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Green Button Special Offer: $0.01 per core hour

Renderfarm Green Button is currently having a special offer. They write:

In celebration of our beloved All Blacks winning this year's rugby world cup by just one point - for a limited time we are offering a very low rate for all Blender, Yafaray and LuxRender jobs.

From now until the end of November 2011 you will be charged just US$0.01 per core hour.


  • Tjviking

    There is a big mistake in this message. Pricing ise $0.01/PER MINUTE not as you suggest PER HOUR.

    • Bart Veldhuizen

      No, it's correct - see their homepage. Please double-check before you spread doubt ;-)

      • Tjviking

        I spread doubt, because when I registered, the offer suggested something different (on payment form) than the offer suggested. Maybe they have bad description on payment form.

  • Guillaumecote

    I have gone to their website and... I can't figure what is green button. Is it a render farm? 

    • Bart Veldhuizen

      Indeed. Missed the word the word 'render farm' in the first sentence of the post? ;)

      • Bryan

        Too funny. Thx fer the good laugh.

  • Animaticoide

    I have used Respower mostly, $31 for 30 days 15 minutes task per frame or $10 for 7 days 15 minutes task. However I don't know how many cores I have been using :) ( It has been quite fast though).

      Now these guys at Green Button seem to have a great deal, however I would like to know a bit more: What would be the regular price after Nov 30?

    Now it is 0.01/core/hour,  so what is the minimum cores that we can rent? Also they said to request extra cores we have to wait between 15 or 20 minutes? So there must be a minimum to start the Job? Let's say if I want 200 cores at the beginning is that possible or you won't allow us to do that?

    • pin

      You don't really get to choose the number of cores. What you do is submit a job and they'll start you off with around 4 or 8 cores. The number of cores assigned to your job will be increased gradually.

      You benefit more when you submit a big job (1 single file), compared to when you submit many small jobs.

  • fred c

    It would be nice if the updated their plugins so that the worked with 2.60a. I don't have a superfast computer something like this will come in handy for Lux, it bets having to run my computer all day long.

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