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The book "Blender Basics 4th edition" in Russian

BlenderBasics4Cover-smallThe 4th edition of Blender Basics has been translated into Russian.

gumanoed writes:

I just finished translation of the James Cronister's book "Blender Basics 4th edition". This is a great book about Blender 2.6. As usual, James did a grate education tutorial for schools and colleges.

For now the "Blender Basics 4th edition" is the first and only book about Blender 2.6 on Russian!

Read it on on-line variant here.

PDF variant ready for printing I plan to the end of December.


  • Malcolm Tredinnick

    Er.. typo in the headline. The great new 2.6 Blander (sic) product is proving not to be the enthusiasm-inspiring marketing success Ton hoped it might be and he's gone back to the old kitchen utensil name.

  • Tikomiko

    I'm sure it must be a typo. It can't be 'blander' as in even more 'bland'? ;)

  • MeshWeaver

    Blander-related jokes aside, always cool to see books and tutorials being translated into lots of languages :D  ...okay, so I don't speak any languages other than French and English, but still, just goes to show how world-wide the Blan--er, Blender community is, which is awesome :D

  • Bart Veldhuizen

    Sheesh! I took out so many  typos in that announcement but I forgot the most important one :) Fixed, thanks!

  • Damir Muhtarulin

    Отличная новость! Thanks! :)

  • Pavel Shabanov

    Отличная работа, ребята! На хабре как-то вы раньше зарелизились))

  • George Anderson

    Классно! Я так рад, что научить Blender будет легче нашим русским братьям! 
    Интересно, как вы русские обычно зовут "Blenderheads"?

    • ??????

      Блендоголовые! Но мне нравится Блендернутые, звучит непристойно :)

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