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Developer Meeting Notes, November 6, 2011

Branch Merger Hurricane Week coming up! Read more inside.

Ton Roosendaal writes:

1) Blender 2.61 planning

  • We're getting a Branch Merger hurricane week! The mergers will happen in this order:
    1. Tomato, camera/motion tracking: monday, Sergey Sharybin
    2. Cycles render engine: tue/wed, Brecht van Lommel
    3. Dynamic Paint: thu/fri, Miika Hamalainen
    4. Ocean Simulation (modifier): weekend, Lukas Toenne
  • Last merger work is possible tuesday 15 November (BCon3 start). We'll then stabilize everything for 2 weeks. Early December the official testbuilds will be available.
  • Antonis Ryakiotakis: UV tools is ready for review. Meeting agrees to not add this as another target for 2.61, this can be the first 2.62 merger. It does need a reviewer still.
  • Ocean Sim docs: 1 2
  • Thomas Dinges added new libs in svn: Windows 32/64 Boost 1.47 and OpenImageIO 0.10.3 libs
  • Campell Barton mentions: mocap importers from Daniel M. Basso, C3D and Acclaim formats are in trunk now (addons, disabled by default).
  • Brecht: Cycles in 2.61 will only output a regular RGBA (float) buffer, not hooked up to the compositor yet. In 2.62 it will be writing to render layers and deliver passes.

2) Other projects

  • Jeroen Bakker will setup a project for the online devs to help migrating all nodes to the new architecture. The new tile-based OpenCL compositor is a potential 2.62 target, a full migration plan (whether it replaces old compositor or will be living a while next to it) is going to be made still.

That's it, fasten seatbels!



  • Nezumi

    Now that is massive update right there. Good job guys!


    2.61 is gonna be a big milestone for blender!
    cant wait for cycles render layers in 2.62!!!!!!!!

  • Zeauro

    I hope 2.61 Release Candidates would be tested by more users than 2.60 ones.

  • Fablefox

    Sssswwwweeeeeeettttttt! (just like Dakota Goyo in Real Steel :-)   )

    And when it's available for download, it's just like him getting the Zeus bandanna (?)

  • mallow

    With just Cycles and OceanSim this release may be one of the best Blender releases. At least for me. Keep up the great work, guys!

  • Murat Egretli

    This is the evolution of Blender. From now on, everything will be different.

  • MartianR

    No more maya for me, then

  • Ludovic_L

    Those news are just awesome. I'm using the beta version of Cycles for my work and its just great. Its just change my way of working. I 'm really confident now that my renders are going to be really kool and i just can't wait to test a final version.

    I thank all the team and Tom for the just brilliant work they are doing. I just wish you all the best in those coming weeks.

  • edi

    Thank you for your outstanding work!

  • Liquid Forge Studios


  • Kram1032

    Ocean Sim Docs 1 and 2 lead to the same place.

    This is totally awesome :D

  • Asd

    that's really fantastic!

    no news from b-mesh?

    • Paulius Mscichauskas

      Nothing new about it.

      But it's planned for 2.62

      • Printerkiller

        Are you sure? I really hope it's true because I can't find any info about that assuring it to the 2.62 milestone, even in this meeting note they talk about first merges without any word about BMesh.
        When the BMesh will be merged the modeling workflow is going to speed up and bring in new users to blender

        • fred

          bmesh probably won't make it for 2.62. I download builds from graphicall quiet often and I have been using them heavily. Frankly there still a lot of work to be done. ender79 and Campbell have been bug-fixing it a bit but even with that kind of work rate expecting to see it in 2.62 is nothing short of wishful thinking. I would bet towards of the middle or end or 2012 as been more realistic. Bmesh is a colossal project.

          • Paulius Mscichauskas

            Just because it is planned for 2.62, doesn't mean it's going to make it. Let's just hope.

            But three months is quite a long time, maybe it's enough?
            It's still bit to early to tell.

    • serendipity

      I can't believe there's any modelers left on blender at this point.  I used blender for 3 years professionally but I finally had to give it up for Modo, you can only live with lackluster modeling tools for so long :/
      I keep checking here for BMesh news, but it seems people are more interested in Cycles.

      • Paulius Mscichauskas

        There's nothing more to talk about Bmesh.

        It's still a WIP, no real news, just progressing steadly.
        Cycles, on the other hand, is about to get merged.

      • 3dtinkerer

        You can already use Bmesh branch as a separate program.

  • Julian Perez

    This is awesome, all the updates sound great!!! But as some of you have already said, B-mesh is a huge deal that a lot of us are waiting and yet it seems to be left out... 

    • Paulius Mscichauskas

      It's not left out because no one cares, it's left out because it's not ready yet.

      Bmesh is getting a really fair amount of attention now by the devs.

  • FXR

    Holy Moly!!   I gotta say the new internal rendering is quick and a pleasant surprise in an upgrade of quality!  

    But I'm unlcear is this due to Cycles, or simply the redone upgraded Blender 2.60?   Meaning ... are the two seperate? 

    • Paulius Mscichauskas

      Is Cycles and BI seperate? Yes they are. You can select either one or the other on the Renderer selector menu placed on the info editor at the top.

  • Guillaumecote

    Awesome news, thanks for the hard work!

  • amine moussaoui

    I was waiting for cycles with compositor integration from long time ago but...

    • Paulius Mscichauskas

      You can use the compositor with cycles, just save the render as image and load it into the compositor.


    Will Cycles render hair strands in release?

    • Paulius Mscichauskas

      No. Not yet.

    • Paulius Mscichauskas

      If you want to make hair, use transparent textures. Turns out awesome.

  • Max Puliero

    awesome !

    anyway, no bmesh non life :(

  • Periodnew

    THANK YOU GUYS!!!!!...:-)

  • Comeinandburn

    thanks so much to all the developers/testers/users Blender is becoming unstoppable!  I can't wait for this release.

  • Chubaso

    Thats truly amazing, all those new features and the new yummie cycles render engine. I think many users will take blender into their tool chain for many purposes! Iam really exited about the future of blender ;-)

    Good job guys, keep up that good work!
    best regards chubaso

  • dave62

    CYCLES already into trunk + cycles deliver passes in 2.62:) AMAZING NEWS!

  • Scott

    Does anyone know when BGE Particle fluids Surfacing will be ready? 

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