Links: Downloads, Textures, HDRI images, Materials, Models & More

Blender Suco published a HUGE list of interesting resources for Blender users.

Blender Suco writes:

I made a super list of interesting links where one can find useful resources to any digital artist, especially the user and Blender 3D. Not to be always creating new pages with more and more links’ll always want to update this.


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  • Gottfried Hofmann

    It’s always good to have these kinds of overviews!

  • Roofoo

    They forgot for free HDRI probes, and for free photos/textures.

  • bashi

    very nice, thx for sharing them.

  • Adriano

    very nice, thx for sharing them²

  • Fellow a similar collection I did a long time ago, some links might be out of date but you have the name.

  • Mohamed Almonajed


  • Irinaldo soares

    Visitem meu blog…/quiz-do-blender-teclas-de-atalho.html 
    e baixem o Quiz do Blender gratuito!

  • HDRI Hub

    And don’t forget our just started collection :D

  • Jan

    Great collection, but you forgot this one – a great resource.

  • prashu

    hi i am new for this soft can any one guid me ple ……………

    • Bart Veldhuizen

      Hi Prashu,

      please head over to the forums – it’s a much better place to ask such questions.