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  • Tadd Mener

    At first I was waiting for the CG elements until I realized those mascots are the elements. VERY impressive.

  • Ryan

    That's amazing.  I wasn't sure or not for about 30 seconds if the costume characters were CG.  It was the little hops and some of the movement of the skirt that convinced me (and even then I wasn't sure) that it was CG.  The lighting and blending into the environment is spot on!  Very impressive.  What renderer did he/she use?

    • wo262

      the video description says 100% blender so maybe blender internal

  • Ryan

    Just checked his work. It's all hand keyed animation. No mo cap. Her little clapping (wrist and finger movements) is really good. Totally convincing body gestures. 

    • Jonathan Roth

      I have to admit, I found a few little flaws in the motion where it becomes a bit robotic. The funny thing is that it matches the sort of mime actions you see from people in costume, so it mostly works.

      That's just me nitpicking though, it's a great piece of work overall.

  • okhan

    Excellent work here

  • Liquid Forge Studios

    Great rendering but weird otherwise. I like it.

  • Triskelion

    GO ORYX!!! I saw a game in that stadium.  :)

  • Blengineer

    what the heck is the other CG character doing at 1:52? (crawling on the ground looking up her skirt???)

    but pretty good overall. The reflections, lighting, and shadows are done really well.

    • Aldi

       LOL!! Yea, that was pretty suspicious, wasn't it?

    • Adam T Davis

      Surprised no one else commented on this, that freaked me out big time!

    • mzungu

      And the fact that 90% of the shots focus on the female mascot character... the male seems like just an afterthot (or a perv?). Must be a Japanese thing?

      • Aldi

         It's definitely a Japanese thing...

    • Triskelion

      The perv Character  is a rival team's (Yakult Swallows) mascot. So they are slagging off their opposition implying they are perverts.

  • Ryan

    Nice reflections off the train and floor inside the station, added nicely to the illusion.

  • Jeff Bate

    catchy tune as well


    Great animation and matchmoving ! Well done !

  • Dusty

    No mo-cap??? Seriously???? Now that's impressive.

  • Svenskt

    cool, but some bad animation here and there in the jumps, cloth movement is pretty good though

  • VanPelt

    Fantastic lighting above all!

  • Blenderfan

    I checked an actual recording of Belle and that bull, the animation is pretty spot on:

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