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Blender Conference 2011 in Amsterdam

Thomas Dinges reports on the Blender Conference 2011.

Thomas writes:

Amsterdam, the beautiful capital of the Netherlands, was crowded with Blenderheads last weekend again. For the 10th time already! The Blender Conference 2011 was held from 28. October to the 30. October 2011 at De Balie, near the Vondelpark.

It was the third time I visited Amsterdam and the Blender Conference and it was the greatest one so far.



  • Martin Lindelöf

    it was great fun to meet you all guys! my first time in Amsterdam and first time at bconf. but def no the last. Amsterdam was bizarr and wonderful at once. All you guys where awesome. Next time I'll be there like a week or two! Gonna save a vacation week just for the event.

  • Gottfried Hofmann

    Yeah, Blender Conference 2011 was just awesome :)

  • Clayton Walker

    Capitol |ˈkapitl| (usu. the Capitol)

    1 the seat of the U.S. Congress in Washington, DC.

    • ( capitol) a building housing a legislative assembly : 50,000 people marched on New Jersey's state capitol.

    2 the temple of Jupiter on the Capitoline Hill in ancient Rome.

    Capital, maybe?
    Or add [sic].

    Also, sounds like you guys had a great time.

    • Bart Veldhuizen

      Updated the text.

  • Alex Glawion

    Lots of fun. Happy to talk to many. See you next year ;-)

  • Bon

    When will this be uploaded to youtube? Unfortunately I was not able to go to the conference nor was I able to watch the entire streams.

  • Kirill Poltavets

    That was super (though I wasn't there)!
    Pretty much of cool tips (especially from Omega and London). Thanks a lot to all who had took a part there!
    Anybody recorded the sessions?
    I had made just few recordings and unfortunately not all that I really wanted to do.

  • Gautam

    It's just a thought which came to my mind that such Blender events should be held outside in open air e.g. Parks and plazas. That would give a lot of opportunity to everyone to know about our community and Blender. It would really generate interests in kids out there. It will also keep lighting our open philosophy, and it will be more fun. Although there will be security issues and I'm not sure if  weather in Amsterdam allows it but it will surely broaden the relationships.

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