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Blender 2.60 Released!

The Blender Foundation has just released Blender 2.60. Most notable in this release is 3D audio, UI translation, improved weight painting and a lot of animation system updates.

Ton Roosendaal says:

To the one and a half billion new Chinese users we say "Ni Hao" and welcome on board!



  • yudhir

    WoW! look at that splash!

    Good job!

  • Tadd Mencer

    Fantastic! Now that it's officially released I'll download and enjoy!

  • Ray

    One of the best splash screens we've ever had!

    • Bastian


      • Aclariel

        Agreeing as well !!!

        Best Splash so far !!
        Congrats !!! :-)

    • Dddjef


  • Andrei Duma

    Congratulations, Blender Team :)

  • c


  • radek

    Amazing, excellent, awesome, fantastic, wonderful. Blender is the best ...

  • thehumbug

    And the heavens opened, and behold! an angle choir sang out in chorus for God saw that it was good.

  • selecta trafaret

    Get ready for OpenCLed compositor and photoreal rendering with Cycles!!!
    Даешь 3Д в массы!

  • anthony1129

    Rock and Roll!

  • zomby

    No Cycles?

    • Rory Michael O'Sullivan

      Cycles isn't near ready

      • XXX

        Well..Cycles is going to be in the 2.61 release...

  • UnconventionalT

    Remove the slightly overused lens distortion node, and the splash would have been perfect.

  • kaleb

    yeah! Thank for this hard word!

  • Thinkinmonkey

    I'm happy for this new release, but I don't see on timeline when BMesh will be merged.
    So I'm a bit scared thinking of, until that moment, Blender still won't have knife/bevel tools like in 2.49. :/

  • MD

    Nice splash screen.

    Thanks to all the developers for their incredible work.

    One and a half billion chinese users? I am not sure if EVERY SINGLE chinese uses Blender, but if that's the case: "Ni Hao" from me as well! ;)

  • Paulius Mscichauskas

    "No Cycles?"
    Cycles comes in 2.61
    That's december.

    "but I don't see on timeline when BMesh will be merged."
    It's hard to tell yet.
    The actual plan is to get it into Blender 2.62
    But no promises can be made.
    We might even get lucky to get it at 2.61 if a miracle happens.

    • zomby

      December is almost in another years. Velnias.

      • Paulius Mscichauskas

        Blender is released every two months.

  • Alexdobras

    hoooray blender team!!!

  • 1dimc0803

    Great Release and Splash!
    Thanks to everyone involved!
    Blender Rocks! ;)

  • kABHIr

    this is so awesome and just as awesome as splash

  • Andreuzzolo

    bmesh & ngons?

    • Paulius Mscichauskas


      That's four months away.

  • Luis Carlos Lara Lopez

    Execelente, saludos desde tiquicia!

  • Xone

    Good News, Every Day :D

    • Bart Veldhuizen

      I LIKE that slogan ;-)

  • dono


    Thanks a lot blender teams !!!!!!!!!

    Champagne !!!!


  • hi_volt

    are mouse gestures dead? (not asking for something new, just the old gestures in 2.4x to move, scale, rotate)

    • Paulius Mscichauskas


      But they can be implemented as an Add-on.
      All you need is a programmer.

  • amine moussaoui

    I hope that the bug I reported yesterday was fixed now... well let's see !

  • kram1032

    one and a half billion? I suppose, you're talking about potential users, right?
    Or are you actually having statistics of one and a half billion downloads from chinese servers or something?

    Yay, LOTS of amazing stuff going on here :D

    • kram1032

      Oh, and that splash is really one of the best ever!
      It's amazing!

  • A`nW

    Good job to all the developers! Nice splash too, simple but very well done and nice. When I saw that one appear on the Blenderartists thread I knew it would be chosen.

  • LswaN

    Thank you to all the hard working Blender developers who have created this great piece of software!



  • Eibriel

    Nice Splash Screen! :D

  • Ian

    Awesome job devs.  Thank you and also "Ni Hao" to all the new chinese blender users.

  • Vj

    Blender download is very slow maybe some thing with one and a half billion new users ?

  • Liquid Orange

    Everybody talks about cycles but what about the tracker from tomato branch? Will it be also impemented in the near future?

    • M Kubinyi

      Big congrats! When do we see the new Blender in linux distros? This would be great for users that discover a whole new world of great softwares organized in a handy manner!

    • Paulius Mscichauskas

      That's also comming in 2.61.


  • 3DXXL


  • Symphony

    roooooooo :3

  • Ycarbonell

    excelente trabajo Blender fundation.. excelent work!!! congratulation!!!

  • Anonymous

    I'm SO EXCITED! Though to be honest, I think most of us are holding our breath until 2.61 (Cycles, tracking, compositer, what else do we need?).

    • Paulius Mscichauskas

      Bmesh is way more important then the ones you've mentioned.

      • Anonymous

        Fair enough. I'll be honest, I haven't looked into Bmesh much. I heard for a while that it was a dead project!

  • hetors

    Congratulation to all people involved in Blender world!!!

  • Lactose the Intolerant

    What a disappointment. I still can't pan while using my Space Navigator 3D mouse unless I hold down the shift key on my keyboard which is extremely awkward. I was hoping they would implement this feature for the 3D mouse in Blender 2.60, but the only thing that they gave us is the ability to invert the axis which I never needed anyway.

    • Qxsxfx

      I was waiting the same feature.

  • Rory Michael O'Sullivan

    I haven't done much playing with the new animation systems. I'm going to have to give it a good going over soon. Anyone know any good tutorials/documentation for the 2.5+ animation systems?

    • Beorn

      Documentation is coming. For now, check out Algorith's blog.

  • Killahhillah751

    so good, so awesome... but will it blend?

  • ktrammell

    ENORMOUS thanks to all the Blender Developers!  You consistently supply the cg industry with one of the best fully-featured packages.  It's a tremendous honor to appear on the splash screen for 2.6!  thanks for all the kind remarks =)

  • Anonymous

    Wow, already?

  • Blower05

    Hi Ton, That's very kind of you!
    你好!你们好!(Ni hao! Ni Men Hao!)

  • Reynante Martinez

    *to Bart: Hey, man, it would be nice to change this line

    'This entry was posted in Blender 2.5 by Bart. Bookmark the permalink.'


    'Blender 2.6'


    Oh, Blender, our dear Blender, you matured yet again. ;)

    To the Chinese community, Ni Hao!

    To the Blender devs and artists, congratulations! Weee!


    • Bart Veldhuizen

      Indeed! I've changed it to 'Blender Development' - easier to keep up with the changes ;-)

  • riaheckler

    No, it can't be. I haven't had enough time to enjoy 2.5 yet :D

  • Renzo

    So when do BSurfaces and Cycles get added?

    • Paulius Mscichauskas

      read the previous comments.

      Bsurfaces - Unknown.
      Early version of Cycles - 2.61

  • Deltaray

    Woot! Congrats Blender developers and Blender community, we made it to 2.6!

  • JiBZ

    очень очень круто!!!

  • Adrien1769

    It sucks! i just messed with it for a few minutes and it already crashed on me nothing can compare itself to maya!
    all i can say is i hope the next releases are better

    • Paulius Mscichauskas

      What did you do to crash it?

      I haven't had a crash in months...

      • Bart Veldhuizen

        Don't feed the troll, people.

        • Adrien1769

          excuse me i have freedom of speech so please back off

    • Lactose the Intolerant

      Hello, Maya dev!

  • Barri Allen

    Let's blend even more.
    And though I'm not from China, Xié Xié Ton and crew :)

  • Danur

    3d sound !!!   Good work!

  • BjE

    Will there be a 2.X manual? 

  • jeo


  • Gottfried Hofmann

    Yeeha, VSE Proxies :)

  • Alan Perry

    Excellent, off to download now!

  • CGEffex

    Am I the only one wondering what that splash screen is supposed to be?

  • JnZ

    If development continue as planed, Cycles + motion tracking will be the best new year gift:)
    Thanks for all the effort!

  • Kap

    I'm sorry but I have to say that the Project Paint  in Texture Paint mode does not work, create the image but does not open 2D editing application, in my case photoshop, in previous releases there was no problem.any idea?

    • Gb

      Your right, there was a bug in 2.60 therefore project paint didn't work even in 2.61 Blender doesn't seem to work with Photoshop as an external editor. You need to use gimp, i also heard windows paint works. If you enter Photoshop as your external editor and then later change it back to gimp you may get an error saying external editor not set. you need to delete the path to your external editor and leave it blank  then save blender preferences then quite blender then restart then set the path to a external editor.

  • Tay

    thx blender !!

  • Adone

    Thanks for the info. I was waiting for a new version of Blender 3d. Just downloading. :)

    • Adrien1769

      expect failure use the mesh tools where you subdivide etc and the whole program crashes have fun

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