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Contest: Create a Pumpkin in Blender

Gosh, Blender Cookie is getting serious about Halloween! First they teach you how to create a pumpkin, then they hold a contest (I'm sure it's okay to use their own tutorial ;-). Submission deadline is October 24th.

Wes Burke writes:

Pumpkins are back and in style! Each year we see these gourd like squashes emerge onto porches and local stores. Just about everyone obtains these orange bumpy friends, makes an attempt at thrusting a sharp blade into them to create epic, visual greatness that the neighbor kids would be jealous of.

This year we want to see what the digital artists of Blender Cookie can come up with on their pumpkins.

Similar to our snowman contest ran back when we were younger, we are judging these pumpkins on overall impressions. We want to keep the contest light hearted, short and not too stressful for the involved folks. However, to obtain an outstanding overall impression, things such as presentation, texturing, modeling and lighting come into play.

Judges this time around will be: Jonathan, Wes, Tim, and Alessandro.



  • Aclariel

    Yay First X-D
    Good luck to all of you :-)

  • kram1032

    well, that pumpkin is already pretty nice to start with :)

  • Jesus5436

    Contest? Any prize for that?

    • Bart Veldhuizen

      Yes. Follow the link.

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