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Creating a Pumpkin Patch

Get your Halloween going with this new 50-minute BlenderCookie videotutorial!

Jonathan Williamson writes:

In this Halloween themed video tutorial for Blender 2.59 we go through the complete process of modeling, texturing, rendering, and post processing a stylized Pumpkin Patch scene.



  • chromemonkey

    Looks good, and on a side note, I think I'd better work overtime to do my "Thanksgiving Turkey" tutorial up ahead of everyone else.  You know, so I'll have at least one holiday all wrapped up and copyright-protected!

    • Terrachild

      He he...I feel the same way.  After that last bruhaha I almost said a few days ago that I better hurry up and make a pumpkin before someone accuses me of copying a tutorial! I'm too late to make a pumpkin!!!  How about a Halloween turnip?  That would be original.

  • Adam Mason

    I love cooking pumpkin.

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